August 2016

‘Cis Men Playing Trans Women Leads To Death’ Transgender Actress Confirms

@SmartAssJen on Twitter
@SmartAssJen on Twitter

This was transgender spokeswoman and actress Jen Richards’ response to Filmmakers who decided to cast a cisgender man to act as a transgender woman.

Matt Bomer has been cast to star in McNeil’s film Anything. Bomer will appear in the film as a transgender sex worker in Los Angeles who enters a complicated relationship with a recently widowed Mississippi man, played by John Carroll Lynch. The film is based on McNeil’s play of the same name

The reaction to the news by many trans actors, advocates and allies who took to social media was mostly negative.

In response to their decision, Richards wrote, in a series of tweets, the following:

I auditioned for this. I told them they shouldn’t have a cis man play a trans woman. They didn’t care.

I’ve made this point in a few interviews, but never on Twitter, so let me lay it out. Reasons not to have cis men play trans women:

First, there’s the practical/economic one. It denies actual trans women opportunities, jobs, resources, which hurts entire community.

Then there’s an aesthetic. Now, I agree, in principle, that anyone can play anyone. As an artist, I want that kind of freedom myself, but…

Having trans people play trans people allows for more informed, subtle, authentic performance. It makes for BETTER ART, which is the point.

But all of this pales to the main reason not to have cis men play trans women. This is the reason that is making me cry as I type this…

It will result in violence against trans women. And that is not hyperbole, I mean it literally. Cis men playing trans women leads to death.

Here’s why. I’ve spent years looking at violence against trans women, particularly who does it & why. I talk to survivors. There’s a pattern: Straight men are attracted to trans women. They always have been, always will be. We are some of the most popular sex workers. It’s a fact.

BUT they are afraid that being with trans women makes them gay/less masculine. They seek us out, enjoy us, then punish us for their anxiety.

Let’s be more direct: They have sex with us, worry that makes them gay, then reassert their masculinity through violence aimed at us.

Back to the point. WHY do men, who aren’t attracted to men, who only date women, think being with trans women makes them gay/less masculine?

Because culture as a whole still thinks trans women are “really” men. Decades of showing us that way in shows. It’s been internalized.

Again & again cis men play trans women in media with the furthest reach, are rewarded for it, & tell the world trans women are “really” men.

When plays a trans sex worker, he is telling the world that underneath it all, trans women like me are still really just men.

And that is going to lead to violence. Not to me, likely, but to girls already most at risk. Any cis men who do this have bloody hands.
I’m not some screechy activist. I mean all this literally. It’s happening all the time. The stakes are life & death. Our women are dying.

A Simple Gift Idea

You only need a Plant, a Teacup, and Soil.

This is a simple gift that is completely unique. You can pick out the perfect teacup that suits the giftee’s personality.

It’s not just exclusive to teacups, you can use almost any container.
An antique creamer works well, and if you keep it for yourself, you get to have it on display instead of hiding it in a cupboard.

African Violets are a great small container plant. They do well in humid conditions, so a bathroom or kitchen window is ideal. African Violets have flowers in colours ranging from hot pink, to light pink, white, bright purple and fancier variations with ruffles and colour tipped petals.
If a leaf snaps off, you can stick the stem right back in the soil and it will start to grow roots. (more plants for gifts) Just water it as you normally would and it will turn into a whole new plant.



This one is great for a kitchen or office. The cup just makes you cheerful looking at it!

It’s a great way to get rid of those mismatched cups or to reuse a chipped or cracked cup that might otherwise end up in the trash.

Spider plants like the one above are easy to care for and can tolerate lower light situations and some neglect. Great for the “not so green” thumbs out there. They also help remove formaldehyde, xylene and toluene according to NASA’s clean air study.  Spider plants are nontoxic to cats and dogs.

Besides the Spider plant and African Violets, a Jade makes a really cute house plant.


Coleus plants are good candidates for smaller containers and come in amazingly bright colours.
They do need quite a bright window, but for all the colours they come in, I’m sure there’s something for every taste.


Superfine Rainbow Color Pride Coleus

Transgender Activists Block Manchester Pride Parade

Source: Manchester Evening News

Yesterday thousands lined the streets for Manchester Pride. However a large number of trans activists used the event to protest over the treatment of transgender prisoners.

According to the Manchester Evening News, the group used their banners and bodies to stop the Greater Manchester Police float from participating in the parade and it was several minutes before the parade was able to continue.

The group was led by trans campaign group Direct Action for Trans Health as well as No Prisons Manchester and the IWW Incarcerated Workers Committee, reports.

Jess Bradley, who took part in the protest, said: “We have taken action in solidarity with trans and queer prisoners and against the building of a new US-style prison in Manchester.

“We call upon the government to implement a nationwide ban on prison expansion and an urgent review into the conditions within prisons for LGBTQ prisoners”.

The protest is said to have been endorsed by groups Direct Action for Trans Health, No Prisons Manchester, and the IWW Incarcerated Workers Organising Committee.

Source: ~ manchester evening news

Bette Midler backtracked, sort of, and apologised for misgendering Cait Jenner in tweet.

Source: Twitter

Last week, the comedian made the bad taste tweet –joke? in response to the recent news about the cancellation of Caitlyn Jenner’s reality show and it received instant backlash from human right campaigners, media personalities and the general public.


After being challenged by thousands of people and losing followers, she removed the tweet (screenshot above).

Last Sunday Midler backtracked, writing: ‘Dear friends @HRC [Human Rights Campaign], whom I have always supported. Sorry last tweet offended. An idle musing. I seem to have misread the temper of the times.’

Source: DailyMail

The Story Behind the Dog In The Frozen Lake in Greenville, Delaware


A dog named Boo accidentally fell into a frozen pond in Greenville, Delaware.

Maria Murowany, the dog’s owner, said that the 13-year old pup loves to walk around the lake regularly to visit his friends, but this time when boo was barking and crying, it happened to be a whole different story.

Maria and her neighbours rushed to see Boo’s head peeking over the ice. A neigbhour called emergency services and a rescue team was dispatched soon after.

Borrowing a boat from a neighbour, a small group of rescuers paddled towards the dog while the rest remained waiting on land. The rescuers had to break the ice in order to make their way over to dog that was forty feet off land.

It was a little tricky, I could barely reach out and try not to tip the boat at the same time – One rescuer said.

The dog is happily recovering in his house now. Maria Murowany set up an extra heater to warm the pup up, and plenty of treats.

Happy ending.

Video below: (Youtube)

Source: Thedogfiles


Anti-LGBT Pastor who claimed Orlando Massacre Dead deserved it, arrested for child molestation

Mugshot. Glynn County Detention Center
Mugshot. Glynn County Detention Center

A pastor who claimed the Orlando massacre was homosexuals getting “what they deserve” has been arrested for alleged child molestation.

Pastor Kenneth Adkins of Jacksonville, Florida, openly opposes LGBT rights.

Adkins said, earlier this year, in a twitter message: “I don’t see none of them as victims. I see them as getting what they deserve!” in response to the 49 souls who lost their lives in the Orlando Massacre.

The pastor has been arrested on child molestation charges earlier this week.

Adkins surrendered himself on a charge of aggravated child molestation.

It comes after a Brunswick Police Department probe launched, focused on suspected molestation taking place in Adkins’ church. According to the Florida Times-Union.


Source: Florida Times-Union


Haha! Iceland steps-up the game and reveals gay aircraft

Nice try, Britain. Your gay trains, patrolcars and buses are really nice.

Embracing Diversity. London gives trains a full makeover ahead of London Pride
END HATE CRIME. Manchester Patrol Cars rocking the rainbow
END HATE CRIME. Manchester Patrol Cars rocking the rainbow

So folks in Iceland didn’t want to be left behind. They have the first gay plane in the world.

Pilots suggested to call the newly acquired aircraft "TF-GAY" And the company went with it.
Pilots suggested to call the newly acquired aircraft “TF-GAY” And the company went with it.

The brand-new Airbus a330, known as “TF-GAY”, which will cover the route Iceland-San Francisco, has been shown rocking the vibrant, pink livery.

WOW’s CEO, Skúli Mogensen, told Gay Iceland: “The name fits perfectly into this concept of ours to create a modern family out of our air planes from the names we give them.

WOW is basically MOM upside down and everybody loves their mom!”

“Since day one, we’ve emphasised joy and friendliness in our services because we want everybody to feel welcome in the WOW family. And we think TF-GAY fits right in with our modern family concept.” He added.

When asked about his thoughts on those passengers who wouldn’t want to fly on a big, gay, pink plane, he replied:

If I were worried or scared of what people might say about me or what I do, then WOW air wouldn’t exist.

“Prejudice and narrow-mindedness are usually the result of ignorance and an inferiority complex. So such views judge themselves.”

Source: Pinknews

Argentina mum’s joke about rape culture goes viral overnight.

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

When a woman in Argentina made a small observation about a drunk man at a bus station and made a passing joke about rape culture, she had no idea what her snarky remark would turn into.

Gina Riveros, who works at the station, wrote what she thought would be just another Facebook post, which has now been shared nearly 300 times. But what shocked her was the screenshot of the post, which has been shared over 31,000 times.

Her post reads:

“Yesterday, when I arrived at the bus terminal at around 6 AM, there was this skinny man who was so drunk that fell into deep sleep after 10 minutes.

“He was wearing these oversized trousers that left his underwear and half his butt exposed.

“In short: young, drunk, middle of the night, in a sketchy place like the station is at that time, and with his ass showing… and not even me, nor any of the women who passed him by during the spectacle, raped or killed him.

“You see guys, it’s not so hard and no matter how drunk you are or how you dress, you can respect the lives of others???”

Someone give this woman a medal on feminism.

Argentina ranks 4th in the ranking of safest countries in the Americas after Uruguay and is the LGBT-Friendliest country in the continent. 
Source: Telegraph