September 2016

Pride Flag Launched Into Space To Declare Outer Space As LGBTI-Friendly

The organisation Planting Peace sent the first pride flag into space, and in doing so, declared space LGBTQ friendly.

Pride Flag In Outer Space / Planting Peace / Youtube (Screencap)

This initiative was carried out by same the non-profit human rights organisation that bought the ‘Equality House’ across the street from the Westboro Baptist Church, in Kansas.

The “Equality House” owned by Planting Peace, Located right across the street from the hate-group organisation Westboro Baptist Church / Wikipedia

To achieve this, the organisers attached a GoPro camera to a high altitude balloon. The pride flag was in space for more than three hours before it made its way back to the earth.

The flag reached an altitude of 21.1 miles above the earth before it started descending.

The Pride Flag, climbing / Youtube

According to their statement, the primary purpose of this declaration is “to support the ongoing fight for the fundamental human rights of our LGBTQ family, moving us closer to a universal understanding that all people deserve to live freely and love freely without fear and discrimination.”

Pride Flag Ascending / Youtube

“Our hope was to create the largest safe SPACE possible for our LGBTQ community. It also offered us a chance to reinforce, in a peaceful, beautiful way, our ongoing message to our LGBTQ family:

You are loved, valued and beautiful.

There is nothing wrong with you.

You are not alone, and we will stand with you.” The statement concluded.



Watch the video of the Flag in Space below:


Canadian PM Wants “Full Protection” and Rights for Canadian Transgender People

“I believe in a Canada where transgender people are protected by the law.” Trudeau said.

Justin Trudeau, Canada's PM /
Justin Trudeau, Canada’s PM /

Montreal, Canada — Canadian Prime Minister is teaching the whole world, once again, a few lessons on how to run a country.

Earlier this year he promised a new bill that would give, in his own words, full protection to Canadian transgender people.

During his speech in Montreal, where he was accepting the Laurent McCutcheon Award for his commitment to fighting homophobia and transphobia, he said: “I am proud to announce that tomorrow, on the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia, we will be tabling a bill in the House of Commons to ensure the full protection of transgender people.”  He said.

Sources say that Trudeau asked Justice Minister, Jody Wilson-Raybould, “to add gender identity as a prohibited ground for discrimination under the Canadian Human Rights Act, and to the list of distinguishing characteristics of ‘identifiable group’ protected by the hate speech provisions of the Criminal Code.”

Justin Trudeau Celebrating With The LGBT Community /
Canadian PM, Justin Trudeau, Celebrating Pride With The LGBT Community /

During his announcement, he added: “I believe in a Canada where men can give blood, regardless of their sexual orientation,” Trudeau said. “Where transgender people are protected by the law.”

“A Canada where all prime ministers are proud to walk with the LGBT community during gay pride parades.”

Marni Panas, a Canadian transgender woman and LGBT advocate from Edmonton, told CBC: “There are many people who still deny that transgender people even exist or would rather not see us at all.”

“When you have a government clearly stating that transgender people are not only protected in Canada but it says we are welcome here and that we belong here, that’s an important message.” She added.



Americans Divided Over Transgender People In Public Bathrooms, Study Confirms

Americans are still divided on transgender rights and identity.

A new study, carried out by Pew Research Centre, revealed that almost half of respondents said transgender people should be required to use the restroom of the gender assigned to them at birth, with only 51 per cent of respondents supporting transgender people’s choice.


Half of Americans Still Don't Recognise Transgender People's Basic Rights
Half of Americans Still Don’t Recognise Transgender People’s Basic Rights / Pew Research Center (Screencap)

These polls reveal just how unsettled these issues are in American culture. Earlier this year, for example, the state of North Carolina passed a discriminatory, statewide piece of legislation, despite opposition from the Department Of Justice. This legal change effectively bans transgender people from using the bathroom matching their gender identity.

It seems that, for many Americans, the separation of gender from sex is still a relatively new concept.

The Pew Survey revealed that less than 30 per cent of respondents said that they knew somebody personally who identified as transgender, in contrast to 87 per cent who said they knew somebody who was gay, bisexual or lesbian.

Because being transgender is about identity and not sexuality, many people outside the LGBT community are confused as to what being transgender actually means.

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Many transgender people are also gay, lesbian or bisexual, and also part of the LGBT umbrella. However, being transgender is about someone’s gender not being in alignment with the one assigned to them at birth. As an example: It is entirely possible for a transgender person to be transgender and not be interested in sexuality at all.

The good news is, there seems to be a growing trend of acceptance amongst the general population. If we take into account data from two years ago, where 80 per cent of the population considered that transgender people should stick to the bathrooms corresponding with the gender they were assigned at birth, it’s reasonable to confirm that transgender acceptance has grown by 29 per cent in these last two years.

It seems like our fight has not been in vain.

By Eleanor Hope. (@elliehopeauthor on facebok or twitter )

HRC Takes Action On Shortage Of Injectable Estrogen In America

Hormone-replacement therapy is a critical component of many transgender individual’s gender affirmation process. Lack of access to these vital medications may potentially pose a serious health threat to them.

Human Rights Campaign (@HRC on twitter)

HRC Reports that the shortage began 18 months ago when the 40 mg dosage of injectable estrogen went on the drug shortage list and has not since returned to the marketplace.

This is the highest dosage available and the one most frequently prescribed to transgender women.  Doctors then began doubling up on dosages of the 20 mg injectables, which have become scarce this summer.

There's no shortage of Estrogen (Oestrogen) in Pills and Patches form
There’s no shortage of Estrogen (Oestrogen) in Pills and Patches form

While estrogen in pill or patch form continue to remain available, the injectable form is preferred by many trans women and health professionals are concerned that these women may turn to unregulated sources such as the street or black market online pharmacies that ship drugs from other countries.

HRC reached out to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) officials to express concern about the shortage and to learn what the agency is currently doing to address the ongoing problem. In addition, HRC partnered with the National Center for Transgender Equality on a letter to FDA Commissioner Dr. Robert Califf urging that the agency expedite review of information necessary to approve the drug and bring the shortage to an end. They announced. 


Source: HRC

Ten Debate Memes That Will Make You Cry Laughing

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Blog: A Transgender Woman’s Open Letter To Our Partners And Mamma Bears


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Simply thank you for loving us, for not giving up on us. For inspiring others.

Laverne Cox said once that loving a transgender woman was a rebellious act.

As a transgender woman myself, it’s heartwarming to see your rebelliousness, your courage; your selfless and unconditional love.

I know that it has not been easy for you. I know that a lot of communities turn you away; I have confronted those transgender people myself. Those transgender people who fear you for being comfortable with your own sex and gender you were born with. Those who think there is nothing to gain in extending themselves to another person outside of their experiences. Those who dare call you scum without knowing anything about you, your mission or your selfless love for your trans partner, or the love you have for your transgender child.

I know it has not been easy for you to let our old selves go, and I know that it’s not easy for a straight woman to fall in love with another woman’s soul.

Yet, here you are. Loving, listening, supporting, Feeling proud.

Thank you for inspiring others, for doing more when everyone else is just talking. Thank you for the things that you taught me, the tips that you’ve given me, and for holding me in your loving arms every time you’ve heard me weeping unconsolably.

Thank you for comforting us, for confronting the bullies and the haters, those who want to inspect our chromosomes before letting us into a public bathroom. Those who think that our future is theirs to choose.

I did not choose to be trans, but you did have the choice. You had the opportunity to ignore me and walk out on me, and you didn’t.

– Ellie

Thousands Protest Against Legalising Gay Marriage in Mexico

Thousands of people in Mexico City have protested against a government proposal to legalise same-sex marriage, which they say would undermine traditional family values.

BBC News / AFP

According to BBC News, the organisers of the protest say that, while they are not opposed to gay or lesbian rights [sic] they wanted to defend family values and the institution of marriage.”

Public opinion in Mexico, a country which is predominantly Catholic, has been split since Mr Nieto announced plans to legalise gay marriage.

Same-sex marriages are legal in some Mexican states, but Mexico’s president wants it to be legal nationwide.

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So far, only six countries have legalised same-gender marriage in the Americas. Argentina was the first latin-american country to legalise gay marriage in the year 2010 and the second in the Americas after Canada.

Source: BBC News

BREAKING: Man Arrested in Connection with the Murder of a Young Transgender Woman

Washington, D.C., United States — A man has been arrested and charged with the murder of Deeniquia “DeeDee” Dodds.

Victim: Dee Dee was robbed, fatally shot and left for dead / Erin Rook
Victim: Dee Dee was robbed, fatally shot and left for dead / Erin Rook

Last thursday Police arrested 22-year-old Shareem Hall, in connection with the shooting of Dee Dee Dodds.

Peter Newsham, Interim Police Chief, announced at a news conference that there is no indication that Hall and Dodds knew each other or that her killing was a hate crime.

“Whenever we lose a life in our city, we take it personally. We want folks to know that we are going to continue to work to make sure we hold people responsible for this kind of violence on our streets.” Newsham added.

Budd, a local LGBT activist, said: “We always expect that we are in harms way in terms of robbery, assaults and things, but murder? No.”

Dee Dee was shot on Division Avenue, North-East DC, and left for dead in the middle of the Street / NBC Washington (Screencap)
Dee Dee was shot on july 4th, and left for dead in the middle of the Street on Division Avenue, North-East DC  / NBC Washington (Screencap)

Lewis, Dee Dee’s guardian, said: “I feel so hurt, because I feel that they are human too, regardless of what their sexuality is. They’re human beings just like we are.”

Dee Dee is thought to be the 15th transgender person murdered in 2016. An estimated 20 transgender people have been killed in the United States so far this year. LGBTQNation reports.

Source: NBC Washington / LGBTQNation