October 2016

Transgender Woman Brutally Murdered in Russia

Her own father ordered the killing, saying:”Let him be killed, I don’t want to see him. Bring him here and kill him in front of my eyes.”

Moscow, Russia — A Transgender woman has been brutally murdered in a muslim neighbourhood, shortly after her wedding, after her father pleaded to kill her on live TV.

Her father, Alimshaikh Aliev, had told a TV station: ‘Let him be killed, I don’t want to see him. Bring him here and kill him in front of my eyes.’

Raina and her husband / Twitter

Russia, unlike most countries in Europe and Asia, offers no protections against hate crimes. In fact, unofficially, hate crimes are often encouraged against LGBT, particularly against gay men and transgender women.

While homosexuality was declassified as a mental illness in 1999, and transgender women are able to change their gender marker once they’ve had gender reassignment surgery, most russians are against same-gender relationships, homosexuality and gender expression.

According to the ILGA index, Russia is amongst the worst three countries to live in as regards equality and human rights.

Russia Today reports that Raina had reported death threats to the police shortly after her wedding.

According to local news sources, the wedding ‘shocked’ the local muslims.

The Mail Online reports that a female neighbour said the victim’s father ‘had a stroke’ when he discovered about the sex change and wedding and issued a ‘purman’, inviting people to kill Raina.

‘He cheated them, he went there to Moscow, had surgery and he turned from a boy to a girl,’ said the neighbour.

‘And now in Chechnya it is known too. His mother is saying “I don’t want to see him, I gave birth to a son, but what for? It is such a disgrace for the family”.

‘If the mother and father give a purman, it means they want him to be killed.’

Raina in her wedding day / Reuters

“It is totally forbidden in Islam. Changing sex is a protest against Allah.” she added.

“Such surgery can be performed only in one case: when a person was born as a hermaphrodite [sic] and must decided [sic] what sex he [sic] wants to belong. If a person changed his [sic] sex for another reason, he [sic] is damned, along with the surgeon who performed it.”

Raina had recently written to a friend, complaining about how badly she was treated by her biological family, saying that she had helped them financially many times, but once they learned about her surgery, far from supporting her, they had betrayed her.

See How Much Money is North Carolina Losing Over The Anti-Transgender Legislation

Oh boy it’s a lot of money..


It is estimated that the state of North Carolina, under Pat McCrory’s leadership, has lost over 395 million dollars ever since the anti-transgender legislation was signed by McCrory himself earlier this year.

On March 2016, in response to the city of Charlotte passing pro-LGBT protections, the state of North Carolina passed a controversial legislation which bans transgender people from using the restroom matching their gender identity.

Because the state of North Carolina requires transgender people to undergo genital reassignment surgery in order to legally change their gender marker, and because the surgery is very costly to most Americans —–and some may not be eligible for it due to medical reasons, this legislation leaves the transgender community in the state largely unprotected from bullying and harassment.

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In response to this unprecedented act of discrimination, companies, personalities, artists and major sporting events started to pull out of the state.

The state of North Carolina is not only facing a financial problem. People are also suing the state over this discriminatory legislation, and the lawyers –including McCrory’s attorneys, worth $47,000 dollars– are being paid for with public funds.

Another $500,000 from the disaster relief fund (more tax money) were given to McCrory and his crusade against LGBT. Then Hurricane Matthew hit North Carolina, leaving many dead and lots and lots of chaos.

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Far from learning from his mistakes, and repealing the law, Pat McCrory seems determined to take his battle against equality to the very end.

Many remarkable artists, however, such as Bruce Springsteen, or Ex-Beatle drummer, Ringo Starr, pulled their shows out of the state, standing in solidarity with the American LGBT community.

The cancellation of Bruce Srpingsteen’s show alone, cost the state more than $700,000.

Other big firms such as Paypal have cancelled their expansion plans in the state over this legislation too, costing the state $20 million dollars and the loss of 400 jobs.

With more than 68 major companies, including Paypal, Dropbox, Yelp, Zynga, and Apple Inc. Pulling out of the state, and the budget looking grim, Legislating discrimination has become an expensive bad habit for the state of North Carolina.

NC Governor Blames Liberals for HB2

Pat McCrory, far from admitting that the anti-transgender legislation was a big mistake, now blames it on the Democratic Party.

NC Governor Pat McCrory strongly opposes Transgender Rights and, in his own words, ‘this new idea of gender expression.’ / NBC News / Screen Capture

 — Gov. Pat McCrory blamed the anti-lgbt discriminatory legislation known as House Bill 2, or HB2, on Liberals.

During a press conference, he blamed Attorney General Roy Cooper, and Charlotte Mayor, Jennifer Roberts over HB2, saying that he had no choice but to create this legislation, in response to Charlotte passing a pro-LGBT ordinance that required private businesses to allow transgender individuals to use the bathroom of their choice.

During the conference, McCrory said: “The state of North Carolina, the City of Charlotte and especially small businesses were being used as a pawns by Roy Cooper, by the mayor of Charlotte and by the Democratic Party on an issue that was made up purely for political purposes and to raise money,”

“You might need to ask the mayor of Charlotte and Roy Cooper that brought up this question, not the right.”

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Then he charged against media, saying: “The media, both the statewide media and the national media, give the clear impression it was the right that created the bathroom rules.”

Most residents in the state of North Carolina are in favour of repealing the discriminatory legislation / WRAL.COM

That may be because a Republican-controlled legislature called themselves back into a special session to pass the law in one day. McCrory, a Republican, signed the measure the same day.

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Source: Washington Post /

Republican Texas Lt. Governor Wants Anti-Transgender Bathroom Legislation.

DALLAS, United States — Texas Lt. Governor, Dan Patrick, wants his own anti-transgender bathroom legislation, called the  “Women’s Privacy Act.”

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick speaks to the Dallas Regional Chamber. / WFAA

Despite the overwhelming evidence suggesting that banning people from using the bathroom that matches their gender identity is a terrible idea —Yes North Carolina, I’m talking to you.– It seems like the governor of Texas wants to follow suit.

In a press conference, he said: “Transgender people have obviously been going into the ladies’ room for a long time, and there hasn’t been an issue that I know of.” He said.

“But, if laws are passed by cities and counties and school districts allow men to go into a bathroom because of the way they feel, we will not be able to stop sexual predators from taking advantage of that law, like sexual predators take advantage of the internet.” He added.

The state of Texas, despite having the second largest LGBT population in the United States after California, does not protect its LGBT citizens from discrimination or legal challenges.

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While the state of Texas has a hate crimes statute, it has never been invoked, and gender identity is not included in the hate crimes law. Despite the fact that some localities have ordinances that, in theory, provide some degree of legal protections and benefits to LGBT people, said protections are seldom enforced.

The proposed legislation is already rising concerns amongst Texas business owners, who have already come out and said they would oppose a bathroom bill in their state.

Transgender Pupil Found Dead

She was found hanged from a tree near a leisure centre on Wednesday morning, six days after her Facebook complaint.


Wiltshire, United Kingdom — A transgender senior pupil was found hanged from a tree by dog walkers, a week after she filled a formal complaint in her University for bullying and harassment.

She posted on social media, just days before she hanged herself:

“Getting frustrated about my voice again, it’s the first thing people judge me by and instantly marks me as trans and the most common reason my gender is questioned.”

So isolating and nothing I can do to change it. I feel hopeless and angry about it, I’m instantly judged and there is nothing I can do to make people see further.”

Gabriel, 51, had complained in the past at the lengthy process for treating her Gender Dysphoria via the NHS

“I am starting to believe the insults…I am tired and I can’t see a happy ever after. There is a lot going on. I got more abuse wednesday and I am having issues because of it. I will be in Tuesday and I’ll explain then.”

Wiltshire College principal, Amanda Burnside, confirmed Gabriel had had made an official complaint about bullying, but had been clear that only one person had been involved.

The college was investigating the complaint and had emailed Gabriel with an update on Thursday, unaware of what had happened, Ms Burnside said.

Her death marks the second victim of transphobia in the United Kingdom this year.

William Lound, from Southport was attacked in his flat / North News / NNP / (Fair Use)

Earlier in February, a transgender man from Manchester, England, was stabbed multiple times in his flat. Lee Arnold (36) has been arrested in connection with the attack and pleaded guilty to the murder.


Source: Bath Cronicle / BBC News 

Equality House Vandalised

Kansas, United States — The “Equality House”, owned by Aaron Jackson, Founder of nonprofit organization Planting Peace, has been vandalised.

A happy place ruined by the hatred of ignorant people. Wikipedia / Davis Hammet – Aaron Jackson (Facebook)

“This happened last night. A sad reminder of how far we have to go. 2 days ago someone shouted “faggot” at me as they drove by. That happens almost every week. Every morning I look out my window to hate speech from the Westboro Baptist Church.” Davis Hammet, from Planting Peace, said.

“Queer folks are bullied, terrorized, assaulted, and murdered all across the United States. Our country continues to deny basic employment and housing protections to LGBTQ folks. Our politicians continue to use the LGBTQ community as a scapegoat and spew dangerous rhetoric that emboldens the hateful fringes of our society. We went from over 3 years without being vandalized to being vandalized twice in a few months.”

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“This is an average experience for those marginalized in our society. Many will have much worse happen to them today. Please recognize that we still have so far to go. Please use your power to advocate for a better society for everyone.”


This happened last night. A sad reminder of how far we have to go. 2 days ago someone shouted “faggot” at me as they…

Posted by Davis Hammet on Saturday, 22 October 2016

LGBT-Friendly Church Puts Transgender and Pride Flags Back Up After Being Stolen

“They must have brought a ladder because it’s quite high,” he said. “They’d have needed to get up there to cut the ropes and wheel it down. It’s not an accident, they haven’t blown away; it’s been done deliberately.”


London, United Kingdom — St. Mary With All Souls church in Kilburn is a progressive, accepting, LGBT-Friendly church.  The church began flying the pride flag in the early days of march 2015, and one year later, they added the transgender pride flag, too.

Earlier this month, however, Vicar Father Andrew Foreshew-Cain discovered that the flags had been stolen.

But far from feeling intimidated or worried, Father Andrew was angry about it, and vowed to continue fighting discrimination.

In an interview, he said: “How dare they try and silence who we are and what we believe and think that’s an acceptable response,” he commented. “Engage in debate all you like, tell me I’m wrong to my face all you like, but don’t vandalize my church.”

Foreshew-Cain says that people’s reaction to putting the flags in the church has been enormously positive, with people taking photographs and tweeting very positive comments about it.

“That’s what’s made this case of vandalism so surprising and troubling.” he said.


“It’s an attempt to bully and silence,” he explained.

Foreshew-Cain plans to go ahead with the first London meeting of Open Table, a new worship service “for queer Christians, led by queer Christians.” The initiative began in Liverpool and has since spread throughout the UK, Buzzfeed Reports.

“My personal motto is ‘No surrender’,” he said. “Gay and lesbian people are not going away in the church. You can cut our flags down, you can refuse to licence us as priests, you can refuse to ordain us as clergy, but we’re already in the church. Get over it. We’re not going anywhere.”

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Transgender Girl Wins Right To Wear Female Clothes To School.

A Transgender pupil wins the right to wear female clothes to school, after hiring a solicitor to challenge teachers who sent her home for turning up in a skirt.

Lily’s Uniform / Dailymail

Kent, UK — A transgender pupil from Chatham was left devastated when school teachers threatened to suspend her from St Simon Stock Catholic School in Maidstone for wearing the ‘wrong uniform.’

Lily, who is just one of the 1,000 pupils at her school, hired a solicitor to fight for her right to study without being discriminated against because of her gender identity.

Her solicitor sent the school details of the 2010 Equality Act, which states that a person ‘must not be discriminated against because of their gender reassignment as a transsexual’.

After a lengthy battle with her school, Lily  has now been told she can wear a school uniform for girls as well as using the girls’ toilets and changing rooms. She has also been sent a letter of apology.

In an interview with The Daily Mail, Lily said: ‘I decided to come in dressed in the girls’ dress code, which basically meant I was wearing a top instead of a shirt. It made me feel so happy, until I was sent home.’

Talking about the school’s reversal of their policy, she said: ‘I am very happy about the changes but I felt it was something I shouldn’t have had to fight so hard for, if at all.

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A spokesman for the school said that staff are now receiving training relating to the issue of transgender students and gender identity.

In a statement, they said: ‘We value highly the views of all our students, and take all points of view into account as we develop.’

Lilly is happy with the ruling but she says shouldn’t have had to fight so hard for her right to study as transgender, if at all.

‘[Gender Identity] is an important issue for us, as for schools up and down the country.”

‘As an inclusive, Catholic academy, we are confident that the attention we have given to transgender [issues / gender identity issues], including carefully listening to students, has been invaluable in us going even further to make sure all students are happy and comfortable, so that they can be as successful as possible.’

LGBTI-Friendly country ranking / ILGA Europe

In the United Kingdom, under the Equality Act (2010) any transgender person can study, change their name and use the  bathroom of their choice. Despite being protected under law, many LGBT students believe that more can be done in terms of raising awareness and protecting us from discrimination in schools and workplaces.

While Scotland remains best country in the world for LGBTI equality, achieving 90.4% in the ILGA index, the UK as a whole has fallen behind Malta and Belgium.