6 Signs That Your Partner Is The One And You Are The One For Them


You are in a relationship, but yours is special. Your partner isn’t like any of your EXes. Are they they one?

1: Your partner’s presence around the house doesn’t annoy you.

I’m a writer. I like to spend a lot of time in solitude.In fact, I NEED it! Some days I spend hours working on my laptop and my partner and I barely talk to each other. Sometimes we don’t need to talk. We can be completely silent for hours and it feels comfortable and natural.

Some people take over the whole room or house, it feels like they are draining you of your energy and  you need to take a break (Yes Highschool reunion, I’m talking to you). But, my partner doesn’t bother me at all. We could be together for all of the 24 hours in a day for weeks on end and it just feels natural.

2: You accept each other the way you are.

Nothing makes my heart melt more than my partner loving me and accepting me the way I am. When your partner is the one (and you are the one for them) you just accept each other and love each other selflessly and without any conditions.

3: Your partner tells you all their secrets

Your partner trusts you with their soul. They tell you EVERYTHING. Trust is a big thing in a relationship. Don’t break their trust, ever. You are your partner’s best friend and confident. It feels just right to share deep things that no one else knows about you.

4: You know their family and friends

I love it when my partner tells me stuff about her friends and family. I’ve known them for years and they’re amazing people. Her family knows my family. Basically; we are one big family.

5: You love to spend time together

I love to go out with my partner. I mean, I love to go out with friends, but spending time going out with my partner? even more!

6: Trust

We simply trust each other. I just have to come back to this even though I know I’ve mentioned it before!!! When you build your relationship based on mutual trust it just can’t go wrong. When your partner is the one, trusting them is natural.

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