7 Awkward Situations Every Lipstick Can Relate To

To people outside the LGBT community, when we talk about lipstick we usually refer to makeup, but to us it means something a little bit different!

You are a lipstick when you are a super girly girl who is attracted to femininity and other super girly girls like you. I get you. I’m the same way. If there was a stereotypical lesbian out there, we are definitely not it.

These are seven awkward situations that we love to hate. Can you relate?


1: Guys say: “But You are too pretty to be a lesbian”

Oh crap, I must have forgotten my rainbow at home again.
Seriously, though, I know you mean well, and thank you for calling me pretty, by the way, but that is just all kinds of wrong.


2: Guys keep hitting on you because they think you’re straight. They look confused when you tell them you’re not into guys.

That’s because we rock our feminine style, we smile at guys and girls alike, you know how to appreciate a compliment and you know more about fashion and glamour than a hollywood celeb! It confuses the hell out of most guys you come across. Sorry not sorry guys! eek!


3: Some ‘curious’, straight girls kinda dig you (typical) and want to have a fling with you

It works for some, but they usually move on and you end up with a broken heart.
Rule #1 of lesbian dating: don’t fall in love with a straight girl.

I’ll say it again, just in case: don’t fall in love with a straight girl…..Don’t fall in love with a straight girl……Don’t fall in love with a straight girl….

4: When you are asked (mostly by men) if you and your partner are up for a threesome.

– Excuse me, but are you out of your f***ng mind?


5: When another super femme lesbian girl pings your gaydar badly in a random public place.

omg!! *rainbow signal* me too!



6: Having to come out to everyone, almost every day.

It often takes people a good while to put things together. They don’t seem to get why are you so into LGBT issues, when you don’t look like the stereotypical advocate.

At this point I’m considering to go out shouting: Hi, my name is gay.


7: Dudes try so hard to impress you, all the time.

Sorry bro, that just doesn’t happen. Don’t get me wrong, some men are super creative in their approach, but still, no can do. Not my thing :p

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