Argentina mum’s joke about rape culture goes viral overnight.

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

When a woman in Argentina made a small observation about a drunk man at a bus station and made a passing joke about rape culture, she had no idea what her snarky remark would turn into.

Gina Riveros, who works at the station, wrote what she thought would be just another Facebook post, which has now been shared nearly 300 times. But what shocked her was the screenshot of the post, which has been shared over 31,000 times.

Her post reads:

“Yesterday, when I arrived at the bus terminal at around 6 AM, there was this skinny man who was so drunk that fell into deep sleep after 10 minutes.

“He was wearing these oversized trousers that left his underwear and half his butt exposed.

“In short: young, drunk, middle of the night, in a sketchy place like the station is at that time, and with his ass showing… and not even me, nor any of the women who passed him by during the spectacle, raped or killed him.

“You see guys, it’s not so hard and no matter how drunk you are or how you dress, you can respect the lives of others???”

Someone give this woman a medal on feminism.

Argentina ranks 4th in the ranking of safest countries in the Americas after Uruguay and is the LGBT-Friendliest country in the continent. 
Source: Telegraph 

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