Better Sleep with Pink Light Apps

So many people have trouble falling asleep at night, and there are lots of pills for that… but:

What you might not know is that our modernized activities we think we’re relaxing or unwinding with at the end of the day are actually the things keeping us up at night.

Our brains are amazing. They’re computers with unlimited storage space!

In the brain, the hypothalamus controls the sleep cycle (circadian rhythm) and is linked directly to the day and night time cycles of the planet. When light shines in early in the morning, it says: “human, wake up now” and as the day progresses, and becomes a more warm toned light, the brain slows down and says: “human, get tired, it’s almost bed time”

Throw in the phone, the computer, the tablet, and it’s a major disaster for that poor master clock, the Hypothalamus!

It doesn’t know what to do, it thinks the sun is rising again, but you never went to bed in the first place… oh what is a poor brain to do?

Blue light that comes from our screens can set up your brain to refuse sleep when you finally do go to bed. It can take, on average an hour longer to fall asleep after using a device with a screen. But don’t we all mess with the phone right before bed? Lots of us use the phone as an alarm clock, so we set it up right before bed. Even the ambient lighting on some air purifiers are blue! We don’t want that in the bedroom. Put a piece of black electrical wiring tape over it if you can’t turn it off. (maybe even just a band-aid or cute sticker)

As far as the screens go, there’s an app for that! All of them, although they have different names, are a pink screen overlay. You can adjust the brightness and time that it comes on. The one I have automatically detects the time zone and gives me the right light at the right time so I can sleep. (It’s called Twilight on Android, F.lux on the computer. F.lux says they’re coming to Apple soon, but in the meantime they do have a paid app equivalent)

The Twilight program does interfere with some programs but it’s easy to swipe down and pause it. It’s definitely worth it! You barely even notice the subtle pike hue, and it’s completely adjustable. I’d be up all night without mine! I would imagine the effects on children would be at least equal if not more pronounced than in adults. That pink screen might be a big help… unless of course you wear pink sunglasses all the time, in that case you’re already covered.

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