Blog: Dear Transphobic Transgender People: The term is non-op, not pre-op.

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Quite frankly, it is very hard at times to move forward and fight the good fight when the Transgender community is so fragmented.

While it is true that some groups are unnecessarily rude and discriminatory towards us, it is also true that there is an alarmingly large amount of transphobic people within the transgender community itself.

For example, recently I suggested to start referring to non-op transgender women as non-op instead of the less-friendly, and borderline discriminatory term, pre-op. 

Here’s some background to the story:

The term Pre-Op implies incompletion; that there’s a surgery pending. Some transgender women simply do not want to have sex reassignment surgery. Others can’t have it or can’t afford it. It’s not fair to treat women like sub-human because they want to keep their penis.

There’s some debate about where this belief that a woman is complete once she has had sex reassignment surgery comes from. Wild guess: it stems from older laws which forced transgender women to have their genitals reassigned in order to be legally recognised as female.

While the world has changed, and so did the law, some older transgender women still insist on this arbitrary and discriminatory concept despite overwhelming evidence suggesting that a woman is a woman regardless of her biology.  I will not mention why this argument is hypocritical and it doesn’t stand to logic, but you get the idea.

Rant over.

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    1. Dear Rachelle: Thank you for your comment. While nobody would argue that, there seems to be a preference by some post-op women to refer to non-op women (either non op by own choice or because a surgery is underway) as preop, regardless. This is discriminatory towards those who simply do not want an operation.

      I hope that clears it up.

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