Blog: Don’t Become Your Children’s Closet.

For children born in conservative households, coming out of the closet could be traumatising and next to impossible to do.

#Endhatecrime / elliehopeauthor / Twitter
#Endhatecrime / @elliehopeauthor / Twitter

Being transgender isn’t exclusive to developed, progressive urban centres with lots of liberal thinking.

There is no choice in being transgender, it happens everywhere.  Anyone, anywhere in this world could be born trans. The big risk for the transgender person comes when they choose to come out of the closet.

Coming out of the closet is always seen as a scary process.  There are many fears and actual, real dangers associated with it.

Most fear losing their family and peers, their jobs, social status and community. But there are actual dangers such as the denial of opportunities, problems renting, yes in the year 2016 some landlords refuse to rent to LGBT people, or even violence, or healthcare providers not knowing how to address, or even treat transgender patients checking in for common issues.

In a more conservative household or community there is a greater fear of  a negative reaction from people involved in the transgender person’s life.


If someone you knew and cared for was living in the closet, feeling lost, upset and alone, would you want them to suffer more for being who they are? Don’t contribute to keeping someone in the closet out of fear of rejection, harassment and bullying.

Your children did not choose to be trans, gay, bi or lesbian. But you can choose to love them and defend them, or pretend it’s not happening. Ultimately, the choice is yours.

By Eleanor Hope  (@elliehopeauthor on Twitter / Facebook)

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