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Once again, the Catholic Church tries to dictate gender identity. Mind you, I did not want to use the term “gender identity issues” because, frankly, the only issue that we have is intolerant people. They try to invalidate our existence in the form of bullying, staring, misgendering, or, by trying to silence attempts to raising transgender awareness.

Pope Francis did exactly that. Last Sunday, during his flight back to rome, CNN reported that he said: “It is one thing when someone has this tendency [sic] … and it is another matter to teach this in school.”

I wish that Pope Francis knew that no one chooses to be transgender. We are born this way. You don’t need to know what dysphoria feels like in order to realise that we are not making this up.

The process of transitioning is extremely painful for us. We risk losing our jobs, partners, families and friends over this, but the joy of living an authentic life, for many, outweighs the pain of living a life that is not our own.

But this is neither the worst that the pope has said, nor the first time that the Catholic church has invalidated the existence of people and treated them as sub human.

Just less than 500 years ago, when the Spaniards were slaughtering the native inhabitants all over the Americas, the Catholic church, with the intent enslaving more indigenous inhabitants from the new world, began an official debate. Their aim was to prove that indigenous people did not have a soul, not one like those of the Europeans, at least, and therefore they could be enslaved, because they weren’t human enough to be free.

How did the story end? The Catholic Church resolved that they had some kind of pseudo-soul, like half a soul, whatever that means. Basically, that they were sub-human, and the Catholic Spaniards used this as a justification for their enslavement.

What about the Crusades? or what about the corruption in the highest levels of the Church, such as charging people in exchange for the forgiveness of their sins? –or how about banning women from singing in churches, just because they were women. What about Gallileo Gallilei? He was convicted of heresy simply for being an astronomer. For telling the truth. A brilliant man who spent the last years of his life in absolute misery –even though 350 years after his death the Church admitted that he was right!

Today, 500 years after the invasion of the Americas, we learned that the natives weren’t evil pseudo-souls. They were angry that white invaders came out of nowhere and stole their lands, killed their children, raped their women and enslaved their men. Who wouldn’t be?

The Catholic Church offered a half-assed sorry for the bloodshed not too long ago, too.

Today Pope Francis, who is allegedly the maximum authority on earth after God –sorry I just giggled a little– says that transgender people are confused, and he is clearly trying to do anything in his power to stop institutions all over the world from raising awareness on gender identity and sexual orientation.

The Pope wants to take his cake and eat it. That is pretty rich, coming from an institution that shielded sexual offenders and pedophiles from prosecution under all local laws.

If you think that Either Pope Francis or the Catholic church hold any moral authority to tell you anything, think again. I can promise you that God loves you exactly the way you are.

We are talking about an institution that committed some of the most horrendous crimes against humankind. An institution where some of its priests and members of the clergy have a long history of molesting children.

The good news is that in the same way that, hundreds of years later, the Catholic church admitted that Gallileo Gallilei was right, it is reasonable to assume that in a century (or two) the Catholic chuch will come to terms with LGBT and understand that we had been right all along.

History will prove us right. In the meantime, he expressely asked the Press to make sure that they didn’t write that he blessed transgender people. In his own words, Pope francis said: “Please don’t write ‘The pope blesses trans.’ Please.”

By  Eleanor Hope (@elliehopeauthor on Twitter /  Facebook)

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