Breaking: Trump Backs Supreme Court Ruling on Same-Gender Marriage

In an interview, American president-elect, Donald Trump, said he was “fine” with marriage equality “because it was already settled.”


During his first broadcast interview as president-elect, with CBS’s 60 Minutes, which aired on Sunday evening, Trump also suggested he might deport as many as 3 million immigrants, and said that he intends to retain some of Barack Obama’s healthcare reforms.

In response to the host’s question about whether he was going to overturn the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage, he said: “It’s irrelevant, because it was already settled. It’s law. It was settled in the supreme court. I mean it’s done.”

Trump’s vice-presidential pick, Mike Pence, has opposed same-sex marriage throughout his career, and supported so-called “conversion therapy” programs that purport to change people’s sexual orientation.

Pence also signed a religious freedom law that sought to allow people to refuse service to same-sex couples because of religious convictions.

Trump, however, said he considered the matter resolved. “These cases have gone to the supreme court,” he said. “They’ve been settled. I’m fine with that.”


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