Vegansexuality: if you like meat you may not be getting any tonight

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Vegansexuals are people who do not eat any meat or animal products, and who choose not to be sexually intimate with non-vegan partners whose bodies, they say, are made up of dead animals.

The term in question, Vegansexuality, was coined by Dr. Annie Potts, Co-Director for New Zealand Centre for Human-Animal Studies around the year 2007.  And it’s becoming quite trendy now!

Potts described vegansexuals as people who lead a cruelty-free lifestyle and prefer to be exclusively intimate with like-minded individuals. Ultimately eliminating carnivores as optional bedmates.

Interesting huh?

While most vegansexuals confirm that animal cruelty is the deal-breaker, some of them dislike everything about meat eaters.

“The body odour [of meat eaters] is pungent. Their sweat is extremely smelly. Their spit, and all their body fluids, are strong and stinky. Vegetarian people are not so smelly,” — Said Janna Cunnigham, a 46-year-old vegan from Brooklyn, N.Y.

Much of the feedback goes on to perpetuated the idea that vegetarians, and especially vegans, are prim, fussy or against pleasure. However, Potts disagrees. Describing vegansexuals as people who are very much into pleasure.

“They’re passionate about their food, they enjoy wine, they like fashion, and they love their sex,” she explained. “And for them, attraction and pleasure seem to be intensified when they’re with an intimate partner who endorses a similar compassionate, cruelty-free lifestyle.” –Potts said

As a vegan herself, with a vegan partner for more than 16-years, Potts says she’s perplexed that omnivores are taking such objection to people making choices about sexual partners based on compatibility and similarity.

“This shouldn’t be such a big deal,” she said. “But it does seem to have struck a nerve.”

Do you want a new name and ID? This Micronation May Help

Sealand Map

Do you want a new name and and ID? This micronation may help you out with that.

The Principality Of Sealand is an unrecognised micronation located in the North Sea just off the coast of Suffolk, England, UK.

Ellie finally became the Lady Eleanor Of Sealand. Yay! Thanks Sealand!

The Principality, per se, is actually a sunken barge built by the Royal Navy that served as an anti-aircraft facility during World War II. While the settlers (Ten, most of whom actually live in England) Claim that the principality is a sovereign state, the United Nations states that artificial islands, installations and structures do not possess the status of islands. This, however, doesn’t seem to stop them from selling nobility titles on the internet.

The Faux-Principality lies within English waters and is subject of English law, but if you don’t want a new deed poll certificate or you don’t want to spend spend more than £100.000 (132.000 USD) on a nobility title, you can become the new Lady of Sealand, for less than thirty quid.

Puppy Nap Fails

That’s it. I am going to quit my job and become a puppy now. Free naps; anywhere.



Nothing like a good nap after a meal


Or a nap with friends.


This food was so good I think I’m gonna have a nap zzzzzz..


If I fits, I sits.


Aeroplane puppy


Work was stressful today. Time for a nap.




I Particularly like this to nap here.. Oops


No problempuppy12

Dude, really?


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