Do you want a new name and ID? This Micronation May Help

Sealand Map

Do you want a new name and and ID? This micronation may help you out with that.

The Principality Of Sealand is an unrecognised micronation located in the North Sea just off the coast of Suffolk, England, UK.

Ellie finally became the Lady Eleanor Of Sealand. Yay! Thanks Sealand!

The Principality, per se, is actually a sunken barge built by the Royal Navy that served as an anti-aircraft facility during World War II. While the settlers (Ten, most of whom actually live in England) Claim that the principality is a sovereign state, the United Nations states that artificial islands, installations and structures do not possess the status of islands. This, however, doesn’t seem to stop them from selling nobility titles on the internet.

The Faux-Principality lies within English waters and is subject of English law, but if you don’t want a new deed poll certificate or you don’t want to spend spend more than £100.000 (132.000 USD) on a nobility title, you can become the new Lady of Sealand, for less than thirty quid.

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