French Women Attacked by Muslim Refugees for Wearing Shorts

Toulon, France — Two couples were attacked by a group of teenagers who allegedly began to insult the women because of their attire, shouting “Dirty wh***, get naked.”

“Hello. I’m a slag”. The victim was called a slag and spat on by a group of muslim girls in a bus. / Facebook

The couples were rollerskating in southern France when the group of muslim teenage refugees started to insult them.

A physical fight broke out when the women’s partners attempted to intervene, according to Toulon prosecutor Bernard Marchal. Var Matin Reports

They were passing near the Cité des Oeillets, an estate in eastern Toulon, when a group of adolescents starting insulting the women of the group because of their shorts, including jibes such as: “Dirty whore, get naked.”

When the partners of the women asked the gang to respect their wives, they got beaten up while their children stared in shock.

These attacks by muslim refugees on French nationals come a month after Maude Vallet was spat on and insulted in a bus for wearing shorts by a group of muslim girls. When she asked them what was wrong with [wearing] shorts, the girls replied: Because you are a woman.

Céline Pina, a former regional councillor for the Paris area who wrote a book called Guilty Silence, warned of growing Islamist violence against women everywhere in France.

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