Georgia Mum Humiliated And Harassed By Cop For Breastfeeding In Public

“For him to see my areola, he would’ve had to have been staring VERY hard.” the mum shared.


Columbus, Georgia — A mother was threatened to be arrested by a police officer for indecency because she was breastfeeding in public.

She remembers that the officer said to her: “You just THINK you know what the law says and if your nipple becomes exposed I really don’t want to have to arrest you or you be arrested for being offensive.”

Savvy Shukla, the mum in question, wrote on a Facebook post on Sunday that she was in the Piggly Wiggly shop, on 13th Street, when the deputy told her that she needed to cover up because someone might find her breastfeeding offensive.

Ridiculous: The Officer explaning her that breastfeeding may be found offensive to some / Facebook

Shukla told the officer that that Georgia law protects public breastfeeding, but the officer got irritated.

Meanwhile, County Sheriff John T. Darr addressed the incident, and confirmed what Savvy Shukla said. Breastfeeding in public is legal in the state of Georgia.

@sheriffdarr on Facebook
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