Girl and her Mother Killed And Set On Fire By Neighbour Because She Was a Lesbian

Camdenton, MO — A man was arrested and charged with the murder of two women found in a burned out trailer home.

Steven Ray Endsley was taken into custody on Saturday in Camdenton after a Missouri State Highway Patrol SWAT team and the FBI helped with the arrest. Endsley is charged with two counts of First Degree Murder in connection with the deaths of Theresa Jackson, 61, and her daughter Danielle Smith, 27, according to the Sheriff’s deputy report.

The trailer home where the incident occurred. (KTY News)
Horror: The trailer home where the incident occurred. (KY3 News)

Investigators say Endsley lived next door to the women and, according to witnesses, had been in an ongoing disagreement with Smith over her sexual orientation. The FBI is assisting the sheriff’s office in investigating the possibility of the murders being a hate crime linked to that disagreement.

Post-mortem report revealed that both victims died of injuries sustained before the fire.

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Two other adult members of Endsley’s family were taken into custody for questioning at the time of his arrest. Neither have been charged.

Victim: Danielle Smith, 27. (GoFundMe)

The family of the victims have set up a gofundme page to collect donations for the cost of the funeral.

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  1. What an awful tragedy and senseless waste of life. I strongly suggest that LGBT people buy and learn to use a gun. Shoot first and ask questions later. These people are CRAZY!!

  2. Whoever did this needs to know what if that was there family and what if it happened to them what would they thinkGod bless this family that the tragic happened to but God will get the ones that did it

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