Lesbian Mistaken for Man And Escorted Out Of Bathroom

California, USA — Security personnel tried to escort a lesbian woman out of the female restroom.

Marty Looper / Facebook
Mary Looper / Facebook

Mary Looper wrote on her facebook wall that security personnel tried to escort her out of the female restroom.

Mary Looper was at a Carrie Underwood concert with her aunt when security attempted to escort her out of the women’s restroom.



Looper, who said she gets mistaken for a man often, took to the comments to thank her friends for their support. PinkNews reports.

“Thanks everyone for the kind words. I get mistaken for a man all the time… It’s no secret. But, for the fact that their woman employee waited outside my stall for proof that I was a woman, didn’t believe me off my voice… That’s what hurt and had me shocked. I didn’t wanna stir anything up but never ever thought I’d be treated like that in a woman’s restroom in L.A., in the Staples Center. Just a bummer it went that far.”


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