Massachusetts Wants Full Protection For Transgender People In Public Places

The proposed legislation aims to protect transgender people from discrimination in public places such as shopping centres, restaurants and other public venues.

Transgender Flag in Boston City Hall, In May / Bostonglobe

Boston, MA — Supporters of the transgender community and advocates rallied last Thursday in support of a new law that aims to protect transgender people from discrimination in malls, restaurants, and other public accommodations to fight two potent new efforts to roll back the protections.

The proposed legislation, however, is facing fierce opposition from the local clergy members, who say that this legislation will allow transgender people to use the bathrooms and showers of the church, something they consider outrageous.

In response, Mason Dunn, co-chair of Freedom Massachusetts, surrounded by local clergy members at King’s Chapel, in Boston, said: “Fairness and equality are the law in Massachusetts, and, together, we will ensure that they will remain the law.”

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While the legislation is gaining strong support from the LGBT community and most human right advocates in the state, this week four churches filled a lawsuit, saying that the law could force them to allow transgender people to use the church bathrooms, changing rooms, and shower facilities of their choice, violating the churches’ constitutional right to freely practice their religion.

They are asking the court to stop the law from being enforced and declare the new statute unconstitutionathe main coalition that pushed for the new protections.


By Ellie Hope (Follow ellie on Twitter / Facebook)

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