Meteor Shower Tonight! Find out when it starts in the UK and America


Set your alarms!!! Get ready for the meteor shower tonight! Scientists say a gravitational nudge by Jupiter will make this meteor shower particularly more intense!

Some researchers are predicting up to 200 meteors per hour in the night sky at the shower’s peak.

The best time to view the event in the UK will be the early hours of Friday.

The Perseid meteor shower is caused by a trail of debris from a comet called Swift-Tuttle which orbits the Sun.

Every year between July and August, the Earth drifts into the comet’s trail and is peppered with meteors which burn up as they hit the atmosphere, disappearing in streaks of light.

For people living in North America, the best time will be around midnight tonight. Set your alarms! Grab a warm cuppa and enjoy the beauty of nature!

The Earth will move through a particularly distinct bit of debris a day early and this clump of material has been nudged by Jupiter’s gravity.

“A rich stream of material is going to move into the path of the Earth as a result, and so Thursday night into Friday we should see a real enhancement of meteors.

“You might perhaps get to see hundreds a day and that will be something to look forward to.”

Normally people viewing from a dark area, away from lights can see between 60 to 100 meteors an hour at the shower’s peak.

The US space agency Nasa believes that could double this year.

“Forecasters are predicting a Perseid outburst this year with double normal rates on the night of August 11-12,” said Bill Cooke with Nasa’s meteoroid environments office.

“Under perfect conditions, rates could soar to 200 meteors per hour.”
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Source: BBC News

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