Mother Fights For Her 5-Year Old Transgender Daughter’s Right to use the Girls Bathroom in Kindergarten

Mothers will do anything in their power to make sure that their kids are happy. A Texas mum is fighting for just that. She is camping for her 5-Year-old Transgender Daughter’s right to use the female bathroom in kindergarten.


Kim, the child’s mother said: “Please understand I’m not fighting about bathrooms, I’m fighting about her life, I’m fighting about her well-being, I’m fighting for her happiness, I’m fighting for her future”

Kim is not giving up, despite the school’s opposing stance towards transgender students and public bathrooms.

She remembers her child consistently saying to her, at the age of 3: “ I am a girl.. I am a girl.. I am a girl.. You know I’m a girl” she shares.

I did fight this [transgender issue]. It was more than two years of yelling at my kid, timeouts…Things that I thought would make Kai be the boy that Kai was born to be. –She added.

“People cannot look at children like Kai, and get to know them and not have a change of heart” Kim said, hoping that people would accept her daughter for who she is.

Despite her efforts, however, the school representatives said that Kai may use a gender neutral bathroom instead. But they won’t let Kai use the female restroom.

According to the school’s Superintendent, Dr. John P. Kelly “Pearland ISD is easily one of the most diverse school districts in the state/nation.” This diverse is community is celebrated and lauded on his own page.

However, John Kelly seems to draw a line at extending this diversity towards the LGBTQ community. He states, “When the Supreme Court re-defined marriage and invented new constitutional rights, the door was opened for re-defining all social norms,” of these social norms, that includes federal guidelines for helping accommodate transgender children within all US school districts.

John Kelly then carries on by saying: “What’s next? Legalizing pedophilia and polygamy? Unless we return to the Biblical basis on which our nation’s laws were established, we are in serious trouble – and cannot expect God’s continued favor.”

Despite this stance held by the superintendent, Pearland school district must make accommodation for transgender individuals within their school system or face a loss of significant federal funding.

Pearland school district maintains that the gender neutral bathroom meet the needs of its students, but it will not allow Kai to use the female bathrooms.

As a nation, America tried “separate but equal” and it failed the legal test, as well as the social test, and historical test of time. Now the same concept of “separate but equal” is being applied to transgender and gender non-conforming people not only in our schools, but in our public spaces.

Will this legal and social issue end at just separate but equal? If people like Kimberly Shappley have any say it certainly won’t.”

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