Mother Stabbed Her Own Daughter For Being A Lesbian

Buenos Aires, Argentina — Police arrested Mercedes Del Valle (75) in connection with the murder of her daughter, Marcela Crelz (54)

Argentinian #niunamenos hashtag aims to end hate crimes against women / Twitter

According to sources, Crelz, who lived with her mother, had recently brought her girlfriend over to live with her.

At one point, Del Valle and Crelz began a heated argument over the victim’s sexual orientation, which resulted in Del Valle picking up a kitchen knife and stabbing her three times with it.

Del Valle rapidly called the police and told the officers that thieves had broken in and stabbed her daughter, but Police interviewed the neighbours, who confirmed that, prior to the incident, they heard them arguing about her sexual orientation, and that they did not see anybody entering or leaving the house.

Police recovered a knife from the crime scene, believed to be the one used in this horrendous hate crime.

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Argentina is the second country in the Americas to pass legislations allowing same-gender marriage and full LGBT protections after Canada. While it is considered to be one of the most lgbti-friendly countries in the Americas, some people still struggle with the social stigma and harassment, despite being protected under law.

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