North Carolina: Charlotte Mayor will “not discuss” ordinance that protects LGBT

Mayor Jennifer Roberts said the city “is not prepared” to discuss repealing the ordinance protecting the LGBT community at Monday’s city council meeting.

Mayor Roberts / Charlotte Observer (Screencap)
Mayor Roberts / Charlotte Observer (Screencap)

Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts said Monday morning the city “is not prepared” to discuss repealing the ordinance that led to House Bill 2 at its meeting Monday night.

Legislative leaders had made dropping the Charlotte ordinance a condition for repealing HB2.

The ordinance extended anti-discrimination protection to the LGBT community and would have allowed transgender people to use the bathroom or locker room of their gender identity. The Charlotte Observer Reports. 

“We are not prepared to add this item to our agenda this evening, however, we urge the state to take action as soon as possible and encourage continued dialogue with the broader community.” She declared.

By defending this ordinance, Charlotte’s Mayor continues defending LGBT rights in North Carolina’s largest city.

Earlier this year, Governor Pat McCrory passed on a discriminatory legislation that prohibits transgender women to use the restroom matching the gender they identify with and it puts their lives in danger.

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Source: The Charlotte Observer

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