Norway Extends Transgender Rights To Children

Children can apply for a passport matching their gender identity with parents permission starting at age six.

Anna was assigned male at birth but she obtained her Norweigan passport with her gender marker corrected / AP

Norway, a wealthy, progressive nation of 5 million people, recently became the fifth country in the world to allow adults to legally change genders without a doctor’s agreement or intervention.

Argentina, Ireland and Denmark have similar laws, but only Malta and Norway have extended the liberalized rules to children. AP Reports.

Provided they have parental consent, Norwegian children as young as 6 can now self-identify as male or female, effectively overruling the gender assigned to them at birth.

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With no requirement for surgeries or counseling, the process is online and very simple. So far, Norway has not dismissed a single application.

Some supporters, including Richard Kohler, Policy Officer for Transgender Europe, think that Norway should go even further and remove the remaining restrictions on official gender changes for children younger than six years old.

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