Oh Dear! $300,000 Ferrari Gets Crunched by Bad Driver’s Poor Parking Skills


Warning: RAW FOOTAGE. Contains Swear words, Adult Language and it may not be suitable for children.

Great Falls, Virginia, USA — A Car meetup turned into chaos last Saturday when a man found his Ferrari parked beneath a cabrio Mercedes Benz.

A crowd quickly gathered to gawk and film the car-crunching spectacle as the Mercedes’ passengers sat dumbfounded in their elevated car.

But things turn a little messy once the owner of the Ferrari turns up.

A crowd quickly gathered to gawk and film the show  as the Ferrari owner surveyed the damage and shouted at the mercedes’ driver.

“Are you serious? Are you f****ing serious?” “That’s like the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen,” he concludes as the Mercedes’ passengers gather around, the female driver noticeably shaking.

Full Footage Below:

Witnesses reported that no one was injured in the incident



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