Rio 2016: Brazilian Fans Chant Homophobic Slurs at Lesbian Football Players


Football (Soccer) fans at the opening matches of the Olympic women’s soccer tournament chanted homophobic slurs, among other horrible things, at various players on Wednesday. Reports from various sources say the Portuguese term “bicha” was tossed around liberally by fans during the matches.

According to Urbandictionary, Bicha means:


The Los Angeles Times‘ Kevin Baxter, who is in Brazil covering the Olympics, said that the homophobic slur was aimed at the U.S. Women’s National Team during its 2-0 victory over New Zealand on Wednesday.

The chant surfaced again during Canada VS Australia, in which at least four players identify publicly as LGBT. One of those players,Stephanie Labbé, the Canadian goalkeeper. Given the chant surfaces when the goalkeeper occupies the ball, it’s particularly gross that they would use it specifically targeting Labbé.

It seems very unlikely that the International Olympic Comittee will sanction the host nation over the offending fans —although they should— any time soon.

Despite the host nation’s efforts to try to show the world that they are accepting of minorities by using a transgender supermodel in the opening ceremony, truth is, in the words of my friend, Dr. Erica Anderson, it feels like window dressing on the deep hatred borne by a culture which could embrace the beautiful differences also woven into Brazil.


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