See How Much Money is North Carolina Losing Over The Anti-Transgender Legislation

Oh boy it’s a lot of money..


It is estimated that the state of North Carolina, under Pat McCrory’s leadership, has lost over 395 million dollars ever since the anti-transgender legislation was signed by McCrory himself earlier this year.

On March 2016, in response to the city of Charlotte passing pro-LGBT protections, the state of North Carolina passed a controversial legislation which bans transgender people from using the restroom matching their gender identity.

Because the state of North Carolina requires transgender people to undergo genital reassignment surgery in order to legally change their gender marker, and because the surgery is very costly to most Americans —–and some may not be eligible for it due to medical reasons, this legislation leaves the transgender community in the state largely unprotected from bullying and harassment.

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In response to this unprecedented act of discrimination, companies, personalities, artists and major sporting events started to pull out of the state.

The state of North Carolina is not only facing a financial problem. People are also suing the state over this discriminatory legislation, and the lawyers –including McCrory’s attorneys, worth $47,000 dollars– are being paid for with public funds.

Another $500,000 from the disaster relief fund (more tax money) were given to McCrory and his crusade against LGBT. Then Hurricane Matthew hit North Carolina, leaving many dead and lots and lots of chaos.

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Far from learning from his mistakes, and repealing the law, Pat McCrory seems determined to take his battle against equality to the very end.

Many remarkable artists, however, such as Bruce Springsteen, or Ex-Beatle drummer, Ringo Starr, pulled their shows out of the state, standing in solidarity with the American LGBT community.

The cancellation of Bruce Srpingsteen’s show alone, cost the state more than $700,000.

Other big firms such as Paypal have cancelled their expansion plans in the state over this legislation too, costing the state $20 million dollars and the loss of 400 jobs.

With more than 68 major companies, including Paypal, Dropbox, Yelp, Zynga, and Apple Inc. Pulling out of the state, and the budget looking grim, Legislating discrimination has become an expensive bad habit for the state of North Carolina.

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