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The Hair

Dull skin, brittle nails, hair that never gets any longer?
There’s a fix for that and it’s easier than you might think.

After having an illness that required me to find a way to really nourish the connective tissues and mucous membranes, I’ve discovered that those same vitamins and supplements also help build great hair, fingernails and skin.

Since regular pharmaceutical medications didn’t work, and made me so much sicker I had to find natural alternatives. The things I needed turned out to fix my cosmetic problems too. Yippee! Anti-inflammatory supplements apparently have major benefits to one’s appearance.

My hair grows so fast that it’s hard to keep up with the new growth at the top! I have to touch-up or re-colour it every 2 weeks. I go from a dark brown, extremely copper colour to light blonde, so it definitely causes some damage… And it still grows and doesn’t break as much as it used to, even though it used to be much shorter.

I am a gardener and I don’t usually wear gloves, I wash dishes, I make jewelry, and yes at times my fingernails are garbage, but they also grow really fast and strong. For years I had soft nails with ridges and grooves, I couldn’t wear polish because they showed too much. They just broke off or never really got anywhere… Now I could climb a wall with them. They still break from time to time, but they usually look pretty good. I still can’t wear nail polish but that’s only because it can’t take the punishment I give it. It just wears, scrapes or peels off… It’s not worth the trouble to me, although I do find that clear nail polish helps maintain longer fingernails. I don’t mean really long, but moderate nice fingernails.

Spur of the moment picture, with shorter not too well kept nails!

As far as skin goes, I don’t have any issues with dryness, redness, or anything out of the ordinary. I used to have average minor problems. I believe I look a lot more hydrated than some people my age or even younger.
It’s probably a combination of the supplements and drinking good quality water that doesn’t contain fluoride, chlorine, chloramines, hormones or anything else that’s detrimental to health. The first thing we need is water.

You can get the filters here if you’re in Canada

I have very negative lung reactions to chlorine and chlorine gas in the air, so I really must avoid it at all costs. (the main health issue I’m dealing with)
Even if it doesn’t noticeably bother you, does it make sense to drink a disinfectant or inhale the fumes that we know cause lung damage?
I love Berkey filters for drinking water, (black filter inside, not the ceramic one) You can use it anywhere.
The Berkey filters last for years and you know you’re safe using it no matter what the water supply. Even lake water or while traveling. There have been extensive tests done on the system and it clearly comes out on top. Berkey systems remove bacteria, viruses, lead, VOCs, mercury, pesticides and more.

You can get a Berkey water filter on Ebay or Amazon, or a host of other places.

I think shower filters are a must. At least as important as drinking water filters. A little preventative is worth so much. Chlorine vaporizes at around 80°F or 27°C and quickly fills the room when you’re in the shower. The lungs provide a direct route into the bloodstream as you inhale it. Showers are supposed to be a place to relax and recharge, not get bogged down with chemicals. You absorb more chlorine from a quick shower than you would if you were drinking it! No one needs that.

Aside from impacting your general and lung health, chlorine can damage hair, skin and just smell unpleasant. With a filter, you can avoid most of this. The shower filter that Berkey makes even reduces the amount of water you use in the shower, and in turn can lower your bills and be better for the environment. You can find them at Amazon, Ebay, or here, in Canada.

So, on to the supplement list! 

Zinc; we need this! Zinc helps maintain the integrity of skin and mucosal membranes, and shortens the duration of colds. It’s a multi tasker.
It helps the immune system do what it needs to do to keep us going strong.

Biotin; helps keep your skin, hair, eyes, liver, and nervous system healthy.
Builds tissue and can help you maintain a better general mood. Who doesn’t want that?

Vitamin C;  Good for everything. Reduces DNA damage caused by solar exposure.
It plays a role in collagen synthesis, and can even help stop allergic attacks! You need to take 1000mg or 1 gram for allergies. I use it for that purpose as well as it’s usual benefits. If it works for my severe allergies, it’s worth a try. I take it when I notice a big attack or when other remedies aren’t cutting it.

D2; (vegans or lanolin allergies, D3 is fine for everyone else) Improves skin condition.
Can help reduce eczema problems, and also elevates the mood, helps you deal with stress, and can help you sleep better. (If you take it in the morning, taking it at night can interfere with sleep and REM patterns) Vitamin D is actually a hormone, and can help reduce lung reactivity and asthma attacks.
Vitamin D deficiency causes secondary B vitamin deficiencies and is very common in countries that have a substantial winter season.

B Multi-Vitamin; From skin problems to cancer, B vitamins are very beneficial. They help control stress, help us digest food, and even help us to make our red blood cells. Some B vitamins help to burn fat, while others make us feel happier and give us energy. B2 helps reduce the frequency of migraines. (we have so many tools we don’t use)
There’s so much that the B vitamins do that I can’t list them all. A good quality supplement is essential.

MSM (methylsulfonomethane) is an organic sulfur that reduces inflammation, helps rebuild tissues, can reduce allergies, helps with joint problems, stiffness, and hasn’t been found to have any drug interactions.
It’s the fourth most abundant mineral in the body.
MSM can help improve skin’s tone, reduce redness, and eases sensitivities.
It helps counteract lactic acid, so it eases pain from exercise, as well as helps with reduced mobility due to joint injuries and arthritis. It has been amazing for me!
It helps us hold on to collagen and keratin. Sulfur (MSM) is required for the production of these compounds.
We lose collagen and healthy tissue as we get older, which is  why our skin tone and elasticity decrease. This means MSM can help you retain a youthful appearance. When combined with other antioxidants like vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin A, you get more significant results.
It can even help you to produce more hair strands! No wonder they call it the miracle supplement.

Flax Seed Oil, Omega 3 – 6 – 9
Good for eczema and improving dull hair. Helps with PMS, and regulating hormones. Good for the heart and a lot more.

Coconut oil is not only great to eat, but it’s great as a topical treatment for any kind of dry, scaly, or cracked skin.

Now down to the price! I get all my supplements from SwansonVitamins because it’s the only place where I can find what I need at an affordable price, without added fillers that I’m allergic to. They’re not even a fraction of the cost they would be locally for me.
The Swanson Brand of supplement is a no nonsense product that you can count on.
They list every ingredient, and have great customer service too.
I’ve been ordering from them for over 10 years.
I’ve ordered from a lot of other places online over the years and have always been disappointed with the quality overall. (even if the price is a little lower, it’s not worth the wasted time and money when the supplement is useless)
Sometimes sellers don’t list all of the ingredients in a supplement.
It can have added grains, soy, soybean oil, GMO and other undesirable things.
Not that all other companies are bad, just make sure you find a good quality supplement seller that carries the best.
SwansonVitamins ships to Canada and the USA. They have a money back guarantee as well.

The better you feel, the more radiant you look. Beauty really does come from within.

Please seek out medical advise from a qualified healthcare provider if you are already taking any medications or are unsure about any of the supplements.

Shopping List:

Flax Seed Oil Omega 3-6-9
Coconut Oil
Vit. D
Vit. C

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