Pakistan: Transgender Population To be Counted In Population Census For The First Time

For the first time in the history of Pakistan, the population census will recognise and count Pakistani transgender people

The Lahore High Court on Monday instructed the federal government, National Database and Registration Authority (Nadra) and the interior ministry to include the transgender community in the census while hearing a petition filed by a transgender individual Waqar Ali in November 2016.

Ali in his petition had called for the enforcement of the community’s fundamental rights, including enrolment in the upcoming census and issuance of national identity cards specifying their gender.

A deputy attorney general from the federal government was present in court during the hearing and assured the court that the transgender community will indeed be part of the upcoming census.

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Ali’s petition, filed through Advocate Sheraz Zaka, had pleaded that the transgender community in Pakistan has been marginalised, citing an event witnessed in Sialkot where a transgender was tortured.

Pakistan’s sixth population census will begin on March 15, 2017.

LGBT-Friendly Church Puts Transgender and Pride Flags Back Up After Being Stolen

“They must have brought a ladder because it’s quite high,” he said. “They’d have needed to get up there to cut the ropes and wheel it down. It’s not an accident, they haven’t blown away; it’s been done deliberately.”


London, United Kingdom — St. Mary With All Souls church in Kilburn is a progressive, accepting, LGBT-Friendly church.  The church began flying the pride flag in the early days of march 2015, and one year later, they added the transgender pride flag, too.

Earlier this month, however, Vicar Father Andrew Foreshew-Cain discovered that the flags had been stolen.

But far from feeling intimidated or worried, Father Andrew was angry about it, and vowed to continue fighting discrimination.

In an interview, he said: “How dare they try and silence who we are and what we believe and think that’s an acceptable response,” he commented. “Engage in debate all you like, tell me I’m wrong to my face all you like, but don’t vandalize my church.”

Foreshew-Cain says that people’s reaction to putting the flags in the church has been enormously positive, with people taking photographs and tweeting very positive comments about it.

“That’s what’s made this case of vandalism so surprising and troubling.” he said.


“It’s an attempt to bully and silence,” he explained.

Foreshew-Cain plans to go ahead with the first London meeting of Open Table, a new worship service “for queer Christians, led by queer Christians.” The initiative began in Liverpool and has since spread throughout the UK, Buzzfeed Reports.

“My personal motto is ‘No surrender’,” he said. “Gay and lesbian people are not going away in the church. You can cut our flags down, you can refuse to licence us as priests, you can refuse to ordain us as clergy, but we’re already in the church. Get over it. We’re not going anywhere.”

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Caitlyn Jenner Should Use the Men’s Bathroom, North Carolina Governor Says

Caitlyn Jenner / @Caitlyn_Jenner / Twitter

During a debate, moderator Chuck Todd asked North Carolina’s Governor, Pat McCrory, and Attorney General, Roy Cooper, which bathroom should Caitlyn Jenner use.

Loyal to his discriminatory rhetoric, Pat McCrory said that Caitlyn should use the men’s bathroom.

Watch the debate below (~1min. / Youtube)

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Hurricane Hits and Record Floods NC, Leaves Many Dead, but Governor Pat McCrory keeps Using Public Funds To Discriminate against Transgender Women

NC, United States — As the death toll left by hurricane Matthew raises to 33, with 17 deaths in the state of North Carolina alone, Governor Pat McCrory keeps using public funds to harass, intimidate and push his anti-LGBT agenda further, instead of helping the victims of the hurricane.

Pat McCrory, NC Governor / CharlotteObsesrver / Screen Capture

Buzzfeed reports that, as Hurricane Matthew approached the coast of North Carolina on Friday, Governor Pat McCrory spent the night on stage, with far-right religious leaders, asking them to support the discriminatory, anti-LGBT legislation known as House Bill 2 or HB2.

While emergency services in North Carolina were overwhelmed, and the death toll raised in the state —inlcuding the fatal shooting of a motorist, who was driving through a flooded area– McCrory was recorded telling the far-right christian audience: “You have five weeks, or four-and-a-half weeks, to speak out in North Carolina.”

“I don’t agree with the concept of redefining gender, let your congregations and your businesses, and everyone else know. Are there people behind this issue or not? We’re going to find out.” He added.

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While the governor was using public funds to host a meeting with hateful groups, the citizens of North Carolina were far from happy, and this was not due to any bathroom hysteria.

A Greenville resident, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “We have no power. The cash is going to be running out. We’ve already got street vendors hawking water, Cokes and cigarettes. Cigarettes are at seven bucks a pack,” they said. “It’s nuts here, and it’s going to get worse.”

Last week, Andrew Bieszad, a writer for the right-wing religious site Shoebat, explained that “Hurricane Matthew had nothing to do with climate change, instead, it’s God’s way of punishing people for hosting an LGBT parade in Florida” in the memory of the 49 victims of the Orlando massacre.”

In spite of Mr. Bieszad’s claims, most of the reported casualties are in the state of North Carolina, one of the very few states in America where religious persecution and discrimination is not only legal, but also encouraged by their current administration.


By Eleanor Hope  (Follow Eleanor on Twitter /  Facebook

The Story of Pine Leaf: The Rebellious American Warrior Woman Chief Who Had Four Wives.


“Pine Leaf” was a Native American who was born in 1806 to the Gros Ventres in the midst of an inter-tribal conflict.

She was kidnapped by a raiding party of Crows when she was only ten years old.  A Crow warrior adopted her and raised her as one of his people.

According to historians, she seemed rebellious and did not behave like other girls of her age. She was always eager to acquire the skills which were traditionally perceived as male ones.

Pine Leaf was considered by some to be Two-Spirited, which is  a modern umbrella term used by some indigenous North Americans to describe gay, lesbian, bisexual and gender-variant individuals in their communities.

As she grew older, she became notorious for her exemplary talent in horse riding, marksmanship, and her ability to field-dress a buffalo. However, unlike other Two-Spirits, she wore typical female clothing rather than adopting men’s garments.

She became the leader of her lodge when her father passed away. She earned the respect as a warrior after she proved her skills in a riot with the Blackfoots.

Pine Leaf’s motherly instinct also made her more reliable in defending her people whenever there was a need for it. She would confront threats head on to protect her people. Also, she formed a group of warriors with whom she reportedly attacked the Blackfoot and stole their horses.


Pine Leaf married four wives, which increased the wealth and prestige of her lodge. She became involved in peace negotiations with other Upper Missouri tribes following the 1851 Treaty of Fort Laramie, and successfully negotiated peace with the Gros Ventres, the tribe of her birth.

Unfortunately, after several years of peace, Pine Leaf was ambushed and killed by a Gros Ventres party.

It is interesting to note that many indigenous western religions have historically included concepts of third or different genders into their narratives.

On the other hand, many middle-eastern religions, including Islam and Christianity, interpret homosexuality and gender identity to be stumbling blocks.


by  Eleanor Hope (@elliehopeauthor on Twitter / Facebook)

Source: Wikipedia / Images: Wikipedia (Public Domain)

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American Presidential Elections / North Carolina’s HB2 are the best reality tv show ever. Sorry Kim.


Steven Anderson / Google +
Steven Anderson / The racist, iliterate homophobic pastor who keeps getting banned from countries over his hate speeches. He got banned from Botswana now.

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Iranian Women Taking Selfies on their bikes defying the discriminatory legislation / Instagram
Iranian Women Taking Selfies on their bikes defying the discriminatory legislation / Instagram

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U.S. Air Force photo/Senior Airman Chris Willis
Afghan Women Flee Their Country In Search Of a Better Life. / U.S. Air Force photo/Senior Airman Chris Willis

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Oregon Transforms 600 Public Bathrooms into all-gender bathrooms. Go Oregon!

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French Girls attacked by muslim refugees for wearing shorts. Islamic “Morality Police” causing friction with locals in France.

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Not now darling, I’m having a cuppa” British woman defies armed robber.

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The Sun UK / getty images
#brangelina / What else can we say about this?

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Victims: Molly Olguin and Mary Chapa.
Trial begins for Texan man who shot Lesbian couple and left them for dead in horrendous hate crime. One died / Victims: Molly Olguin and Mary Chapa.

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Prince William Will defend LGBT rights. Our Future King is awesome <3

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American Pastor Who Says LGBT people should be stoned to death Banned From Entering the UK and South Africa

Pastor Anderson is America’s most dangerous radical religious leader. He claims, among other things, that he can cure the world of AIDS by stoning homosexuals to death.

Steven Anderson / Google +
Steven Anderson / Google +

In a sermon, last year, he said: “If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death. Their blood shall be upon them. That, my friends, is the cure for AIDS.”

He also celebrated the death of the 49 victims of Orlando earlier this year, telling his followers: “The good news is that there’s 50 less paedophiles in this world, because, you know, these homosexuals are a bunch of disgusting perverts and paedophiles. That’s who was a victim here… just a disgusting homosexuals [sic] at a gay bar.”

He had since been planning to hold an event in Johannesburg, South Africa, but last week, South African government banned him from entering the country, CNN Reports.

Earlier this week, he was also banned from entering the United Kingdom, where he was meant to connect his flight to Africa.

Girl and her Mother Killed And Set On Fire By Neighbour Because She Was a Lesbian

Camdenton, MO — A man was arrested and charged with the murder of two women found in a burned out trailer home.

Steven Ray Endsley was taken into custody on Saturday in Camdenton after a Missouri State Highway Patrol SWAT team and the FBI helped with the arrest. Endsley is charged with two counts of First Degree Murder in connection with the deaths of Theresa Jackson, 61, and her daughter Danielle Smith, 27, according to the Sheriff’s deputy report.

The trailer home where the incident occurred. (KTY News)
Horror: The trailer home where the incident occurred. (KY3 News)

Investigators say Endsley lived next door to the women and, according to witnesses, had been in an ongoing disagreement with Smith over her sexual orientation. The FBI is assisting the sheriff’s office in investigating the possibility of the murders being a hate crime linked to that disagreement.

Post-mortem report revealed that both victims died of injuries sustained before the fire.

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Two other adult members of Endsley’s family were taken into custody for questioning at the time of his arrest. Neither have been charged.

Victim: Danielle Smith, 27. (GoFundMe)

The family of the victims have set up a gofundme page to collect donations for the cost of the funeral.