Pakistan: Transgender Population To be Counted In Population Census For The First Time

For the first time in the history of Pakistan, the population census will recognise and count Pakistani transgender people

The Lahore High Court on Monday instructed the federal government, National Database and Registration Authority (Nadra) and the interior ministry to include the transgender community in the census while hearing a petition filed by a transgender individual Waqar Ali in November 2016.

Ali in his petition had called for the enforcement of the community’s fundamental rights, including enrolment in the upcoming census and issuance of national identity cards specifying their gender.

A deputy attorney general from the federal government was present in court during the hearing and assured the court that the transgender community will indeed be part of the upcoming census.

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Ali’s petition, filed through Advocate Sheraz Zaka, had pleaded that the transgender community in Pakistan has been marginalised, citing an event witnessed in Sialkot where a transgender was tortured.

Pakistan’s sixth population census will begin on March 15, 2017.

Transgender Pupil Found Dead

She was found hanged from a tree near a leisure centre on Wednesday morning, six days after her Facebook complaint.


Wiltshire, United Kingdom — A transgender senior pupil was found hanged from a tree by dog walkers, a week after she filled a formal complaint in her University for bullying and harassment.

She posted on social media, just days before she hanged herself:

“Getting frustrated about my voice again, it’s the first thing people judge me by and instantly marks me as trans and the most common reason my gender is questioned.”

So isolating and nothing I can do to change it. I feel hopeless and angry about it, I’m instantly judged and there is nothing I can do to make people see further.”

Gabriel, 51, had complained in the past at the lengthy process for treating her Gender Dysphoria via the NHS

“I am starting to believe the insults…I am tired and I can’t see a happy ever after. There is a lot going on. I got more abuse wednesday and I am having issues because of it. I will be in Tuesday and I’ll explain then.”

Wiltshire College principal, Amanda Burnside, confirmed Gabriel had had made an official complaint about bullying, but had been clear that only one person had been involved.

The college was investigating the complaint and had emailed Gabriel with an update on Thursday, unaware of what had happened, Ms Burnside said.

Her death marks the second victim of transphobia in the United Kingdom this year.

William Lound, from Southport was attacked in his flat / North News / NNP / (Fair Use)

Earlier in February, a transgender man from Manchester, England, was stabbed multiple times in his flat. Lee Arnold (36) has been arrested in connection with the attack and pleaded guilty to the murder.


Source: Bath Cronicle / BBC News 

Transgender Girl Wins Right To Wear Female Clothes To School.

A Transgender pupil wins the right to wear female clothes to school, after hiring a solicitor to challenge teachers who sent her home for turning up in a skirt.

Lily’s Uniform / Dailymail

Kent, UK — A transgender pupil from Chatham was left devastated when school teachers threatened to suspend her from St Simon Stock Catholic School in Maidstone for wearing the ‘wrong uniform.’

Lily, who is just one of the 1,000 pupils at her school, hired a solicitor to fight for her right to study without being discriminated against because of her gender identity.

Her solicitor sent the school details of the 2010 Equality Act, which states that a person ‘must not be discriminated against because of their gender reassignment as a transsexual’.

After a lengthy battle with her school, Lily  has now been told she can wear a school uniform for girls as well as using the girls’ toilets and changing rooms. She has also been sent a letter of apology.

In an interview with The Daily Mail, Lily said: ‘I decided to come in dressed in the girls’ dress code, which basically meant I was wearing a top instead of a shirt. It made me feel so happy, until I was sent home.’

Talking about the school’s reversal of their policy, she said: ‘I am very happy about the changes but I felt it was something I shouldn’t have had to fight so hard for, if at all.

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A spokesman for the school said that staff are now receiving training relating to the issue of transgender students and gender identity.

In a statement, they said: ‘We value highly the views of all our students, and take all points of view into account as we develop.’

Lilly is happy with the ruling but she says shouldn’t have had to fight so hard for her right to study as transgender, if at all.

‘[Gender Identity] is an important issue for us, as for schools up and down the country.”

‘As an inclusive, Catholic academy, we are confident that the attention we have given to transgender [issues / gender identity issues], including carefully listening to students, has been invaluable in us going even further to make sure all students are happy and comfortable, so that they can be as successful as possible.’

LGBTI-Friendly country ranking / ILGA Europe

In the United Kingdom, under the Equality Act (2010) any transgender person can study, change their name and use the  bathroom of their choice. Despite being protected under law, many LGBT students believe that more can be done in terms of raising awareness and protecting us from discrimination in schools and workplaces.

While Scotland remains best country in the world for LGBTI equality, achieving 90.4% in the ILGA index, the UK as a whole has fallen behind Malta and Belgium.

Massachusetts Wants Full Protection For Transgender People In Public Places

The proposed legislation aims to protect transgender people from discrimination in public places such as shopping centres, restaurants and other public venues.

Transgender Flag in Boston City Hall, In May / Bostonglobe

Boston, MA — Supporters of the transgender community and advocates rallied last Thursday in support of a new law that aims to protect transgender people from discrimination in malls, restaurants, and other public accommodations to fight two potent new efforts to roll back the protections.

The proposed legislation, however, is facing fierce opposition from the local clergy members, who say that this legislation will allow transgender people to use the bathrooms and showers of the church, something they consider outrageous.

In response, Mason Dunn, co-chair of Freedom Massachusetts, surrounded by local clergy members at King’s Chapel, in Boston, said: “Fairness and equality are the law in Massachusetts, and, together, we will ensure that they will remain the law.”

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While the legislation is gaining strong support from the LGBT community and most human right advocates in the state, this week four churches filled a lawsuit, saying that the law could force them to allow transgender people to use the church bathrooms, changing rooms, and shower facilities of their choice, violating the churches’ constitutional right to freely practice their religion.

They are asking the court to stop the law from being enforced and declare the new statute unconstitutionathe main coalition that pushed for the new protections.


By Ellie Hope (Follow ellie on Twitter / Facebook)

Hurricane Hits and Record Floods NC, Leaves Many Dead, but Governor Pat McCrory keeps Using Public Funds To Discriminate against Transgender Women

NC, United States — As the death toll left by hurricane Matthew raises to 33, with 17 deaths in the state of North Carolina alone, Governor Pat McCrory keeps using public funds to harass, intimidate and push his anti-LGBT agenda further, instead of helping the victims of the hurricane.

Pat McCrory, NC Governor / CharlotteObsesrver / Screen Capture

Buzzfeed reports that, as Hurricane Matthew approached the coast of North Carolina on Friday, Governor Pat McCrory spent the night on stage, with far-right religious leaders, asking them to support the discriminatory, anti-LGBT legislation known as House Bill 2 or HB2.

While emergency services in North Carolina were overwhelmed, and the death toll raised in the state —inlcuding the fatal shooting of a motorist, who was driving through a flooded area– McCrory was recorded telling the far-right christian audience: “You have five weeks, or four-and-a-half weeks, to speak out in North Carolina.”

“I don’t agree with the concept of redefining gender, let your congregations and your businesses, and everyone else know. Are there people behind this issue or not? We’re going to find out.” He added.

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While the governor was using public funds to host a meeting with hateful groups, the citizens of North Carolina were far from happy, and this was not due to any bathroom hysteria.

A Greenville resident, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “We have no power. The cash is going to be running out. We’ve already got street vendors hawking water, Cokes and cigarettes. Cigarettes are at seven bucks a pack,” they said. “It’s nuts here, and it’s going to get worse.”

Last week, Andrew Bieszad, a writer for the right-wing religious site Shoebat, explained that “Hurricane Matthew had nothing to do with climate change, instead, it’s God’s way of punishing people for hosting an LGBT parade in Florida” in the memory of the 49 victims of the Orlando massacre.”

In spite of Mr. Bieszad’s claims, most of the reported casualties are in the state of North Carolina, one of the very few states in America where religious persecution and discrimination is not only legal, but also encouraged by their current administration.


By Eleanor Hope  (Follow Eleanor on Twitter /  Facebook

Toronto Transgender Couple Sexually Harassed At Bus Stop


Toronto, Canada — A transgender woman and her transgender male boyfriend were waiting at the bus stop in Toronto when they were sexually assaulted.

The victim, who wishes to remain anonymous, told Girl Things that she was waiting for the bus at the Jane and wilson Area, in front of Sheridan Mall Wilson side at aproximately 7:11 PM

Sheridan Mall is a busy area in Toronto. According to the victim, bystanders simply watched as it happened. / Google Street View

The victim told us that yesterday, while she was waiting for the bus with her boyfriend,  she was sexually assaulted by a man in his 50s, who started asking a lot of uncomfortable and personal questions.

The victim also told us that, while there were lots of bystanders, none of them rushed to help. They simply watched and laughed as it happened.

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Girl Things contacted Toronto Police and are currently waiting for a statement.




Blog: Don’t Become Your Children’s Closet.

For children born in conservative households, coming out of the closet could be traumatising and next to impossible to do.

#Endhatecrime / elliehopeauthor / Twitter
#Endhatecrime / @elliehopeauthor / Twitter

Being transgender isn’t exclusive to developed, progressive urban centres with lots of liberal thinking.

There is no choice in being transgender, it happens everywhere.  Anyone, anywhere in this world could be born trans. The big risk for the transgender person comes when they choose to come out of the closet.

Coming out of the closet is always seen as a scary process.  There are many fears and actual, real dangers associated with it.

Most fear losing their family and peers, their jobs, social status and community. But there are actual dangers such as the denial of opportunities, problems renting, yes in the year 2016 some landlords refuse to rent to LGBT people, or even violence, or healthcare providers not knowing how to address, or even treat transgender patients checking in for common issues.

In a more conservative household or community there is a greater fear of  a negative reaction from people involved in the transgender person’s life.


If someone you knew and cared for was living in the closet, feeling lost, upset and alone, would you want them to suffer more for being who they are? Don’t contribute to keeping someone in the closet out of fear of rejection, harassment and bullying.

Your children did not choose to be trans, gay, bi or lesbian. But you can choose to love them and defend them, or pretend it’s not happening. Ultimately, the choice is yours.

By Eleanor Hope  (@elliehopeauthor on Twitter / Facebook)

Britain’s First Transgender TV Journalist Returns To Live TV

Transgender TV Journalist, India Willoughby, will become Britain’s first Transgender News Presenter


India worked for ITV regional news for 10 years while presenting male before leaving in 2010 to undergo gender reassignment therapy.

“ITV have been fantastic, it hasn’t been weird or awkward and they have just welcomed me back. I didn’t feel nervous at all when I walked back through the door again, they made me feel like I was home.

“I am just getting my toes back into the water for now, I have a lot to catch up on from over the last 10 years and all of the technology has changed massively.

“There are obviously a lot of new faces but I can still have the same banter with the old ones – they have realised that I am the still the same person, I just look different on the outside.” She told Metro


“I don’t think that there have been people like me in the public eye in this country before – I wouldn’t want to make myself out to be some kind of an example or anything but it just shows how the nature of TV has changed for the better. I don’t think that I would have been accepted a few years ago.” She added.

India came out to her son, then 16, in a letter that she handed him after a meal out.

According to India, her son replied: “It changes nothing. You’re still my parent.”

In a statement, ITV said: “We’re pleased to have India on the Border and Tyne Tees reporting team.”