Sense8 Finale is coming back to Netflix After Cancellation

Lana Wachowski has confirmed the return of the show for a 2-hour special finale

After getting canceled by Netflix, shortly after the release of its second season, Sense8 is now getting a last-minute stay of execution in the form of a two-hour special. It will air in 2018, as by its creator Lana Wachowski on the show’s Facebook page:

The facebook post received hundreds of thousands of likes and reactions as well as shares

It is believed that, despite the overwhelming amount of viewers that the TV show had received, the production cost was amongst one of the highest in the world, estimated at $9 million dollars per episode, which may have contributed to the cancelation.

However, at this point, and paraphrasing Lana, it seems like nothing’s been said and there’s a big chance we might see more sense8 in the future.


By Ellie Van Leeuwen for Girl Things (@elliehopeauthor on Twitter & Facebook)

Transgender Woman’s Truck Vandalised, “Trump” spray-painted on it, and Lit On Fire

Cookeville, Tennessee — A transgender woman’s pick-up truck was spray painted with the words “Trump” and lit on fire in her driveway while she and her 3-year-old son were inside their home last Saturday.

Her vehicle has been destroyed / The Tennessan
Her vehicle has been destroyed / The Tennessan

The victim of this horrendous hate crime said she heard a noise outside her home at about 3:30 a.m. She went out and saw the door to her pickup truck open.

“I thought I’d forgotten to lock or close the door.” She said, as she went back inside.

About 30 minutes later, she said she heard a horn honk and looked outside to see her truck engulfed in flames.

The victim is a disabled US-Army veteran. She served for over eight years, until she was medically retired in 2007. She suffered a severe brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder while on tour in Iraq in 2004.

While she said she hasn’t experienced any discrimination in Cookeville since she came out two years ago, traveling outside of the city has proven dangerous.

Vandals wrote “trump” on the truck before they lit it on fire / The Tennessan

“I’ve been in altercations out of town because I’m transgender.” She said.

While she has no Hillary Clinton signs on her front garden or in her windows, she said she is active on social media against Donald Trump. She said a Trump presidency would harm the LGBTQ community.

She added: “My kid is still frightened. I’m just trying to live my life, I wouldn’t hurt anyone.”


Source: The Tennessan.

Massachusetts Wants Full Protection For Transgender People In Public Places

The proposed legislation aims to protect transgender people from discrimination in public places such as shopping centres, restaurants and other public venues.

Transgender Flag in Boston City Hall, In May / Bostonglobe

Boston, MA — Supporters of the transgender community and advocates rallied last Thursday in support of a new law that aims to protect transgender people from discrimination in malls, restaurants, and other public accommodations to fight two potent new efforts to roll back the protections.

The proposed legislation, however, is facing fierce opposition from the local clergy members, who say that this legislation will allow transgender people to use the bathrooms and showers of the church, something they consider outrageous.

In response, Mason Dunn, co-chair of Freedom Massachusetts, surrounded by local clergy members at King’s Chapel, in Boston, said: “Fairness and equality are the law in Massachusetts, and, together, we will ensure that they will remain the law.”

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While the legislation is gaining strong support from the LGBT community and most human right advocates in the state, this week four churches filled a lawsuit, saying that the law could force them to allow transgender people to use the church bathrooms, changing rooms, and shower facilities of their choice, violating the churches’ constitutional right to freely practice their religion.

They are asking the court to stop the law from being enforced and declare the new statute unconstitutionathe main coalition that pushed for the new protections.


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Walk A Mile In Her Shoes: Men Walk in Heels To Support Victims of Domestic Violence

GREEN BAY, United States – A parade of men in high heels lined the streets of downtown Green Bay on Saturday for the “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” Men’s March.


They were supporting victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. In 2015 alone, more than 1,000 people in Brown County needed help from the Sexual Assault Center of Family Services, WBAY reports.

The event was raising money to keep the help coming.

Karen Michaels, Golden House Executive Director, said: “If you looked at the people that were here today, there were a lot of kids here,” Michaels said. “We keep it on Saturdays often because we like it to be a family event. We like the kids to understand really strong men are standing up, and they’re taking a stand against domestic violence and sexual assault, and it’s truly important to them.”

Dorff said the men who participated were acting as role models for children.

Hector Frayre, another Green Bay resident, told WBAY that the walk was worth the pain. He said: “Man, my inner thighs are killing me,” he said. “I tippy-toed the whole way. That was a good head’s up I got from someone.”

Golden House Executive Director Karen Michaels said they want victims to feel safe and strong in their own community.

“This is an opportunity for us to talk about how often times victims — and often times women — don’t feel safe in their own community,” Michaels said.

To end the cycle of domestic violence, the group targets the next generation.


Source: WBAY 


Ten Debate Memes That Will Make You Cry Laughing

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BREAKING: Chelsea Manning Will Receive Gender Reassignment Surgery, Lawyer Confirms.

WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES — Whistleblower Chelsea Manning has endured great torment in prison since leaking State and Defence Department documents to Wikileaks in 2010, the amount of injustice Chelsea has had to suffer is almost incalculable. She came out as transgender shortly after sentenced, and, according to her lawyer, she will be receiving gender reassignment surgery.

Chelsea Manning / Uncredited / AP
Chelsea Manning / Uncredited / AP

Manning’s lawyer spoke with her on Tuesday after she was informed of the military’s decision. Manning, who is currently serving a 35-year prison sentence for violating the Espionage Act, received a recommendation from her psychologist in April in order to have her gender reassingment surgery or GRS, Buzzfeed reports.

“I am unendingly relieved that the military is finally doing the right thing. I applaud them for that. This is all that I wanted – for them to let me be me,” Manning said in a statement provided by her lawyers.

Sources say that while the US Army will not discuss the medical needs of individuals, she would be ellegible for transition, which includes SRS and HRT.


Source: Buzzfeed / Guardian.