Husband Asks Restaurant Why Was His Wife Fired and the Internet Got His Back

The post on Cracker Barrel’s official facebook page has been removed, but thousands of internet users are commenting on every post about it with the hashtags #BradsWife #JusticeForBradsWife and #CrackerBarrel, among others.

Indiana, United States — An American southern-themed restaurant recently fired a woman that had worked for them for 11 years for an unknown reason. And she was fired on her husband’s birthday.

Bradley Byrd, known on the internet as “Brad”, went to their Facebook page to ask why but, unfortunately, didn’t get an answer.

Now, thousands of Internet users are seeking justice for Brad’s wife by trolling Cracker Barrel’s Facebook page.

People are asking why Brad’s wife was fired and making jokes wherever they have the chance – which means on every single post! Hopefully, Brad and his wife will get an answer soon.

A search for hashtags #CrackerBarrel and #BradsWife brings up a lot of comments. Some of them super funny.

However, this is a serious matter for this humble family from Indiana, who are seeking for answers.

Bradley Byrd, the husband in question, posted yesterday on facebook the following statement:

Meanwhile, another themed restaurant in the area has publicly offered to hire Brad’s wife. Well played folks. Well played.



L’Oréal Paris announced their first transgender spokesperson.

The French-based cosmetics giant has chosen a transgender woman as a spokesperson.

American transgender model, Hari Nef, has been chosen as the new spokeswoman for the brand.

Viewers of Transparent will recognise Nef as the actress who plays Gittel. She also made waves as the first transgender woman to front a major commercial magazine in the UK when she graced the cover of ELLE.

Props to L’Oréal!


Times are changing <3

Mariah Carey Doesn’t give a Care about What People Think About Her Performance

Her comeback is hillarous..

Youtube / Screencap

Mariah Carey truly doesn’t care if you thought her New Year’s Eve performance was a disaster. After technical difficulties plagued the pop icon’s performance on ABC’s Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest, Twitter unleashed its wrath on the singer, but she had the BEST response to the hate.

“Shit happens 😩 Have a happy and healthy new year everybody!🎉 Here’s to making more headlines in 2017 😂,” she captioned a GIF of herself shrugging.

We love you anyway, Mariah <3

Thousands of American Students Considering to Study in Canada after Trump’s Win

For some college-bound students distressed by the election of Donald Trump, Canada is calling.

Justin Trudeau Celebrating With The LGBT Community / cbc.ca

ONTARIO, Canada — Universities from Quebec to British Columbia say applications and website traffic from the United States have been surging since Trump’s victory Nov. 8. Although many Canadian schools had also ramped up recruiting in the U.S. recently, some say dismay over the presidential election has fueled a spike in interest beyond their expectations.

Lara Godoff, a 17-year-old from Napa, California, said she scrapped any notion of staying in the U.S. the day after the election. Among other concerns, Godoff, a Democrat, said she fears Trump’s administration will ease enforcement of federal rules against sexual assault, making campuses less safe for women.

Godoff had applied to one college in Canada but added three more as safety schools after the election.

“If we live in a country where so many people could elect Donald Trump, then that’s not a country I want to live in,” she said.

Applications to the University of Toronto from American students have jumped 70 percent compared with this time last year, while several other Canadian schools have seen increases of 20 percent or more. U.S. applications to McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, are up 34 percent so far.

“We can’t ignore the election results, but I think there are other strengths that are attracting students to the university, as well,” said Jennifer Peterman, senior manager of global undergraduate recruitment at McGill University in Montreal. Students are also drawn by the school’s diversity and Canada’s affordable cost of living, she said.

In the U.S., officials at some colleges say it’s clear Trump’s election is tilting enrollment patterns. Some recruiters say foreign students are avoiding the U.S. amid worries about safety and deportation, opting for Canada or Australia instead. And Canadian schools have noticed growing interest from China, India and Pakistan.


Source: AP / CBC.CA

Far-Right Extremist, Thomas Mair, Found Guilty of Murdering MP Jo Cox in June.

Murder of MP Jo Cox falls under Terrorism Act 2000 where a firearm is used for an ideological or political cause

Jo Cox was an advocate for human rights / BBC News

England, United Kingdom — Far-Right extremist, Thomas Mair, was found guilty of murdering MP Jo Cox

The 53-year-old shot and stabbed to death the mother-of-two in Birstall, West Yorkshire, on 16 June, a week before the EU referendum vote.

Mair shouted “Britain First” in the attack, but the judge said the true “patriot” was Mrs Cox, not Mair.

Prosecutors said Mair was motivated by hate and his crimes were “nothing less than acts of terrorism”.

Mair was also found guilty of having a firearm with intent, causing grievous bodily harm with intent to 78-year-old Bernard Kenny, who tried to help the MP, and having an offensive weapon, namely a dagger.

Memorials were held all over the world / Facebook

The Crown Prosecution Service said in a statement: “Mair has offered no explanation for his actions but the prosecution was able to demonstrate that, motivated by hate, his pre-meditated crimes were nothing less than acts of terrorism designed to advance his twisted ideology.”

The CPS said it worked closely with police to build a strong case, and commended a number of “brave” eye witnesses who gave evidence.

After learning of her death, hundreds attended events in Washington DC, Dublin, Brussels, Oslo, Buenos Aires, Auckland and Beirut.

Remembering Jo / Trafalgar Square / BBC News

Woman Victim Of Rape by Male Church Member Told Not To Talk To Police or She Won’t Go To Heaven



Barcelona, SPAIN — Spanish Police (Known as Guardia Civil) have started an investigation after two women reported that they had been victims of rape by male church members of the Jehovah’s Witnesses church.

Victims Noelia, 29, and Israel, 43, have reported that the church, with over 100,000 members in Spain alone, and over eight million members worldwide, has since tried to keep the two rape accusations in absolute secrecy, and that no one in the institution tried to comfort the victims or tried to prosecute the men responsible for the abuse.

The aggressor, who attacked Noelia when she was only eight years old, in his defence said that he only “touched her [sic] maybe once or twice.”

Moreover, the church told Noelia and her mother that had they spoken about it, “Jehovah would stop loving them and they would not go to heaven.”

Despite the fact that the child was terrorised, and began losing her hair, and attempted suicide at the age of 19, the church prohibited them to see a psychologist or a therapist.


Transgender Woman’s Car Vandalised, Spray-Painted “Trump” and Swastika Signs On It

Horror: Colorado woman had her car vandalised and swastika signs spray-painted on it.


Denver, Colorado —  A transgender woman woke up to find her car vandalised with hate speech, a swastika as well as pro-Donald Trump message on Wednesday morning.

Amber Timmons posted photos of the hate speech spray-painted on her car Wednesday morning to Facebook, but has since been removed by Facebook without reason.

Amber Timmons / Facebook

Her car has been brutally vandalised and spray painted all over with homophobic and transphobic slurs and pro-Donald Trump messages


The Denver Channel reports that there have been a slew of instances of vandalism involving hate speech across the country over the past week since the presidential elections. Swastikas and other forms of hate speech have been spray painted at schools and businesses across the country as thousands of others protest the election of Donald Trump.

By 11 a.m., Timmons posted that a police report had been taken and that her friends had come over and were cleaning the paint off – apparently with quite successfully, according to pictures she posted.

Source: Facebook

Timmons said police came out and took pictures, along with the report.

She said that Police interviewed the neighbours but nobody saw or heard anything.

Amber Timmons / Facebook


Timmons also shared that she went back inside her home, and walked back out to find encouraging sticky notes reading, “You are loved,” and “I am deeply sorry…love and peace wins always!”

Amber Timmons / Facebook

In an interview with Denver7, she said she assumes it was someone who knew her or at least about her. She added that she thinks the perpetrator might be someone emboldened by Trump’s election.

“Considering that it had ‘Trump’ all over my front hood, I think it’s directly related,” she said.

“Am I scared? Definitely,” Timmons added. “But if I have to change my lifestyle, it means hate wins, and hate doesn’t win. Love wins.”

RELATED: Colorado Governor Vows To Continue Protecting Transgender Coloradans

Source: The Denver Channel / Facebook 

Kurdish women fighters inspire fear in ISIS militants due to ‘shame’ of being killed by a woman

“Perhaps the best part of being women soldier is that ISIS militants “feel shame at the idea of being killed by a woman, something which they regard as ‘haram’ (forbidden).”

Kurdish Women Soldiers / Women in The World / Getty Images

“Our taking part in the Women’s Protection Units (YPJ) is revenge for the women who were kidnapped in Sinjar (in Iraq) and sold (as sex slaves) in markets,” Kaziwar, a kurdish woman fighter, says.

Roughly 3,200 Yazidi women, members of the minority group native to the Sinjar area, are believed to remain enslaved by ISIS.

Kaziwar says that she’s been fighting for five years, and has engaged in several battles against ISIS before. In the rear-view mirror of her four-wheel-drive, she keeps a picture of a “sister-in-arms” who died in the fighting.

“When they hear our voices, they get very scared, whereas we at the front, we break out into ‘youyous’ (ululate) every time we advance,” said Kaziwar.

Rojda Felat, 38, a local commander in the YPJ, says that she and the other women are proud to contradict male stereotypes about what women are capable of. “Often, in military matters, people look down on women with condescension, claiming we’re too delicate, that we wouldn’t dare carry a knife or a gun,” said Felat. “But you can see for yourself that in the YPJ we can operate a dushka, we know how to use mortars and we can conduct demining operations,” she added, smiling.

For Shireen, a 25-year-old fighter who wears a scarf patterned with colorful flowers, one of the chief pleasures of the job is getting to see women celebrate after being freed from ISIS rule. “It drives me crazy when I see women wearing the niqab (Islamic face veil),” said Shireen. “I get so happy when I see them taking it off.”

Read the whole article in Yahoo!


Source: Women in the world / Yahoo!