Texas Woman Accidentally Shot In Texas Gun Show

Organisers of the event say that “it’s no big deal” but the victim says that they ruined her life.

The victim was shot in the neck and face /  (KFDX)

Texas, US — A vendor handling a 12-gauge shotgun accidentally fired the gun and shot Dede King and two more employees on Saturday morning at the Wichita Falls Gun and Knife Show, KFDX-TV Reports.

“My whole life at this moment, has been taken away from me. My health will never be the same.” Dede King said.

King said she saw her co-worker laying on the ground bleeding from his injuries after she heard the gunshot.

“I couldn’t tell if he was dead or alive, but all of a sudden I couldn’t get to him. I couldn’t breathe, couldn’t move — and I realize I had been shot. I heard someone say she’s bleeding from the neck.” King said.
“Guns don’t accidentally discharge, people accidentally pull the trigger.  A gun’s never hurt anyone, never. People with a gun have. I guess if you had a loaded gun and threw it down, it might go off or something, that might be possible. It’s carelessness, and I can’t judge because this man is going to be judged. I would judge it was carelessness on his part to bring a loaded gun in here when it’s not allowed.” A spokesman for the annual event added.

King and her family are unhappy with the gun show’s organizers. They said in a statement that all the victims are fine, despite the fact that she has been fighting for her life and is unable to return to her full-time job at the Allred Prison Medical Department.

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