The Story Behind the Dog In The Frozen Lake in Greenville, Delaware


A dog named Boo accidentally fell into a frozen pond in Greenville, Delaware.

Maria Murowany, the dog’s owner, said that the 13-year old pup loves to walk around the lake regularly to visit his friends, but this time when boo was barking and crying, it happened to be a whole different story.

Maria and her neighbours rushed to see Boo’s head peeking over the ice. A neigbhour called emergency services and a rescue team was dispatched soon after.

Borrowing a boat from a neighbour, a small group of rescuers paddled towards the dog while the rest remained waiting on land. The rescuers had to break the ice in order to make their way over to dog that was forty feet off land.

It was a little tricky, I could barely reach out and try not to tip the boat at the same time – One rescuer said.

The dog is happily recovering in his house now. Maria Murowany set up an extra heater to warm the pup up, and plenty of treats.

Happy ending.

Video below: (Youtube)

Source: Thedogfiles


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