Transgender Bathroom Hysteria in numbers: The Heartbreaking Truth


A survey carried out by the US Transgender Survey, which surveyed more than 27.000 transgender people, revealed alarming results.

The only real, confirmed victims of harrassement in public restrooms are transgender women.

For transgender women, the bathroom problem in the United States represents real, physical harm.

  • 59% have avoided bathrooms in the last year because they feared confrontations in public restrooms at work, at school, or in other places.
  • 12% report that they have been harassed, attacked, or sexually assaulted in a bathroom in the last year.
  • 31% have avoided drinking or eating so that they did not need to use the restroom in the last year.
  • 24% report that someone told them they were using the wrong restroom or questioned their presence in the restroom in the last year.
  • 9% report being denied access to the appropriate restroom in the last year.
  • 8% report having a kidney or urinary tract infection, or another kidney-related medical issue, from avoiding restrooms in the last year.

Recently, in the United States, in the state of North Carolina a controversial legislation was passed which effectively bans transgender women from using the female restroom and while other states are likely going in the oposite direction, allowing transgender women to use any bathroom of their choice, truth is, the fear has set in.

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