Transgender Human Rights Activist Misgendered by TSA Agents

Maryland, United States — Transgender Human Rights Activist, Kristin Beck says that she was misgendered and treated badly by airport staff.

Kristin Beck / Facebook
Kristin Beck / Facebook

She was boarding a flight to Kansas City, where she would be giving a speech on Human Rights, at the Department Of Justice’s Bureau of Prisons.

According to Beck, she suffered discrimination and misgendering multiple times by different airport agents, who kept referring to her as ‘him’ and who seemed to be irritated that she asked to be patted down by a female agent.

Her facebook post, posted an hour ago, quickly became viral and hundreds of people from all over the world expressed their support during this difficult situation.

“Just when I thought TSA was doing well with gender and those of us that don’t quite conform to magazine model stereotypes…. They call me “him” and ask if TSA Dude can pat me down?”

“I say I’m “her” and I don’t want “dude” groping my boobs. Yes, They are “real” boobs and by the way the state of Maryland says I’m female. They call supervisor over and the supervisor says just pay [sic] “him” down.
Damn (I’m in tears, (my inside voice))
10 minutes later a female under duress(disgust) pats me down.” She said

“I’m sad, for TSA, our country, our future… Why is this so difficult?
I’m a tomboy,
I’m an American,
I’m a veteran,
I’m combat wounded warrior,
I’m a real human with real feelings…” She added.


Kristin Beck is one of the many American transgender veterans who fought for a country that doesn’t protect them at home.

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