Transgender Pilot Destroys Peter Spigg on Live TV

Transgender Airline Pilot Destroys Peter Spigg on LIVE TV

Transgender pilot Jessica Taylor was invited to discuss North Carolina’s controversial new bill that mandates trans people use the bathroom indicated by their birth certificate, rather than the gender with which they identify.

“This puts us at risk,” she claimed. “And we’re already at risk — our numbers of suicide and murder are outrageous!”

Jessica makes very good points, and when Peter Sprigg attacks the community, her comeback is golden.

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Journalist, psychologist, spokeswoman, photographer, human rights advocate, happy, proud, lipstick.

England, United Kingdom.

One comment

  1. Oh my Lord! You have to be *pretty* to use the bathroom! Wow, that’s really something.
    She really showed how unintelligent he is and how he didn’t think this through.

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