Trial begins for man accused of shooting two girls, and killing one, for being Lesbians

Texas, United States — Trial for man accused of shooting a lesbian couple begins.

Mary Chapa and Mollie Olguin were shot and left for dead at a park.

Victims: Molly Olguin and Mary Chapa.
Victims: Molly Olguin and Mary Chapa.

The couple were both shot in the head and left for dead by an unknown attacker in Violet Andrews Park on June 2012 for being lesbians.

Mollie Olguin died of her injuries, but Mary Chapa recovered and provided the Texas police with valuable information that led to the arrest of the suspect.

Attacker: David Malcom Strickland spent 2 years on the run.

“I am thrilled that the collaborative efforts of the Lone Star Fugitive Task Force, Texas Rangers, and Portland Police Department resulted in Strickland’s arrest.

He’s a stone cold killer who thought he got away with murder, but will finally pay for his crime. My sympathies and condolences go to the victims and their families who had to endure this wicked act of violence.” Robert Almonte, US Marshal for the Western District of Texas, declared.

Prosecutors are concerned of anti-gay bias on the jury. His trial is expected to last two or three weeks, prosecutors have said.


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