British Mum Beaten and her Flat Smashed by Attacker.

Wales, United Kingdom — A woman, whose identity will remain anonymous, has been victim of domestic violence.

The attacker, Owen Hunt, of Palace Avenue, Rhyl, has been arrested and pleaded guilty to assault causing actual bodily all harm to the victim, aged 17, and damaging a TV on Friday night. North Wales Pioneer reports.

The victim’s Facebook post went viral in a few hours.


On Friday, the victim posted a message on Facebook, which viralized over night across the UK. Thousands of people wrote on her wall offering support and words of encouragement to the victim during this difficult time.

Prosecutor James Neary said that the victim and the attacker had known each other for three years and were good friends.

Last week, however, when the victim invited Hunt to stay at her flat, his behaviour had changed, which he blamed on not taking his medication for his ADHD.

According to the Prosecutor’s account, the girl was attacked while in bed after she said she wouldn’t be Hunt’s girlfriend.
He restrained and attacked the victim multiple times while she was unable to defend herself.

The prosecutor also said that Hunt had also smashed up the living room. He allegedly struck her in the face and hurled a baby chair, hitting her on her head.

The prosecutor confirmed that the victim had a chipped tooth and bruised eye following a “very brutal and sustained assault.”

“He poses a substantial risk of harm to the victim,” declared Mr Neary.

Craig Hutchinson, defendant, said that his client had not taken his medication and this was, in his own words, “very strange behaviour.”

An application for bail was unsuccessful and the court ruled that Hut must not contact his victim.

Source: Facebook / North Wales Pioneer 

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