Woman Sexually Abused as a Child Becomes a Police Officer and Puts Attacker Behind Bars


Texas, US — A woman who was sexually abused from the age of eight, finally put her attacker behind bars after she became a Police Officer herself and secretly recorded her attacker’s confession.

Erlis Joseph Chaisson, 47, was convicted of aggravated sexual assault of a child and two counts of indecency of a child by contact in Texas in August. He has been sentenced to life sentence and two separate seven year sentences for the indecency convictions, to be served consecutively. He will not be eligible for parole for 42 years, The Independent reports.

Chaisson had sexually abused her when she was a young girl, forcing her touch him against her wishes and performing oral sex on her. It began when she was 8 years old.

14 years later, she became a Police Officer, and, with a concealed recording device, she met up with him and obtained the confession:

“He was talking like he was talking to his best friend,” she said. “Six times, he confessed—in the first hour and a half of that recording.” She said.

Erlis Chaisson. (Courtesy of the Texas Department of Public Safety)
Erlis Chaisson. (Courtesy of the Texas Department of Public Safety)


Charisson repeatedly blamed the victim, despite her being 8 years old at the time:

“You need to control your curiosity. I wasn’t supposed to be the friend you played nasty with,” Chaisson said.

“I’d be laying on the couch and then you got that look in your eyes,” Chaisson said. “I’d pull the covers up and you’d come run in and jump under there and back up all the way to me.

“In the mornings, cuddle up to you, scratch your back… I shouldn’t have put myself in those positions.” Chaisson, who was in his thirties and working as a contractor at the time of the abuse, added, “I mean, anybody would have got confused.”

Chaisson, who did not testify during the five-day trial, also previous convictions of child abuse, burglary and drunken driving.


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