Woman Victim Of Rape by Male Church Member Told Not To Talk To Police or She Won’t Go To Heaven



Barcelona, SPAIN — Spanish Police (Known as Guardia Civil) have started an investigation after two women reported that they had been victims of rape by male church members of the Jehovah’s Witnesses church.

Victims Noelia, 29, and Israel, 43, have reported that the church, with over 100,000 members in Spain alone, and over eight million members worldwide, has since tried to keep the two rape accusations in absolute secrecy, and that no one in the institution tried to comfort the victims or tried to prosecute the men responsible for the abuse.

The aggressor, who attacked Noelia when she was only eight years old, in his defence said that he only “touched her [sic] maybe once or twice.”

Moreover, the church told Noelia and her mother that had they spoken about it, “Jehovah would stop loving them and they would not go to heaven.”

Despite the fact that the child was terrorised, and began losing her hair, and attempted suicide at the age of 19, the church prohibited them to see a psychologist or a therapist.


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